Issues in representing context illustrated by scene interpretation applications

Authors: François Brémond et Monique Thonnat


This paper tackles several issues of the representation of context inknowledge-based systems. First we propose a context definition through the description of the different information types manipulated by a process. Thanks to this definition we explain the role of the granularity level of processing and the role of the abstraction level of application in modeling context. Then two rules are provided helping with the construction of context representation. We illustrate the proposed context model with the example of the scene interpretation process. Then we present a representation of its context. Through this specific representation two more general issues of context representation are tackled\,: how context can be built and organized and how its contents can be re-used for other applications. In the last part of the paper we propose solutions to deal with these issues. Thus the proposed context representation model allows us to see the representation under different view-points. At the same time it allows us to gather all contextual information in one place. As the representation is partially generic it also makes possible the re-use of context contents for different interpretation applications.

Keywords: Context modeling, knowledge representation, knowledge-based system, scene interpretation, view-point.

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