KBUP: Knowledge Based (re)Use of Program Libraries

These are the KBUP home pages, on which we collect all useful information concerning knowledge based (re)use of program libraries. The pages are under construction, and far from being complete. Send us your WWW addresses and comments on these pages by email to kbup@sophia.inria.fr.


Introduction to Knowledge Based (re)Use of Program Libraries

KBUP consists of the management of libraries containing a large number of programs. This problem is interesting in two cases: first to facilitate the development by a programmer of new code based on existing components, second to allow a non-specialist to optimize the use of an existing program library. Many different libraries of programs have been developed in very different domains. The programs are written by specialists, and it is usually very hard to (re)use them. Knowledge based techniques can be used for the management of the programs in different working environments. KBUP systems can range from an advisory guide up to fully automatic systems.

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