Final Report

Executive Summary

This document is the final report for the ADVISOR (Annotated Digital Video for Intelligent Surveillance and Optimised Retrieval) project. This project was part funded by the European Community under the Information Society Technologies programme (1998-2002). The project time scale was from 2000 to 2003, lasting 39 months.

ADVISOR was developed by a consortium of industrial and academic partners, including Thales, INRIA, Bull, University of Reading and Kingston University. The project started from some work on previous EC projects, but was the first to integrate the results of advanced video processing algorithms with an archive, search and retrieval database and a human computer interface.
During the project, new algorithms were developed for motion detection, tracking of people, and behaviour recognition. The proven algorithms for crowd monitoring were adapted from previous work on CROMATICA. A human computer interface was developed based on requirements derived from metro operator inputs.

At various points in the project, representatives of two metro companies were invited to evaluate the system from a user viewpoint and provide valuable feedback into the design. Validation tests were also completed at these stages to ensure that the technical performance was measured.
The project culminated in a successful demonstration of the system at the TMB headquarters in Barcelona, to various guests including the European Commission, project reviewers, and representatives of the Brussels and Barcelona metros.


Download the full report (6.583Mb, Adobe Acrobat format).


Project Co-ordinator: Michael Naylor


Issue 5,  24 June 2003