How to provide machines or clusters to the Plugtests(tm)

Joining the October Grid

You wish to contribute to the 4th Plugtests event "GRIDs@Work" ?

If you can provide machines or clusters, they will be included in the Grid for the time of the event. This Grid will be used during three days to perform big computations.

More precisely, your machines will be used from October 28th until November 2nd, 2007, and probably night and day. Although it is not mandatory, giving us exclusive access to the machines is very important since all contestants should have access to the same resources. Anyway, in any cases, we will be happy to include new computational power to our Grid, even if not exclusive.

Last year, in 2006, we built a GRID of 4130 cores distributed around the world:  III Grid @ Work 2006 Report

If you decide to contribute please contact us

and tell us how many machines you are willing to provide. You will then have the logo of your organization added to the Plugtests web page. We will contact you to configure your site, in order to include it in the GRID.