Models and Tools for Safety and Security Analysis of Distributed Components
and their Composition

This project belongs to the ACI SÚcuritÚ & Informatique

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In forthcoming years, distributed component based programming will have a strong impact on software development methods. In order for this approach to fully work, while component libraries become available, it is necessary to be able to compose existing components into more complex objects, and to guarantee that this composition will work correctly and fulfill its expected role. Classical, static interface typing does not allow to reach this goal.

Gathering teams specialized in behavioural specifications of components, languages and models for distributed, mobile, and communicating application programming, and methods and tools for compositional verification, the goal of FIACRE is to design methods and tools for specification, model extraction, and verification of distributed, hierarchical, and communicating components.

Our proposal is articulated around the following axes:

Our proposal relies on serious approaches and software tools existing in the participating teams, in particular the ProActive software component library (INRIA/OASIS) distributed within ObjectWeb, the CADP verification toolbox (INRIA/VASY), the TINA verification tool (FERIA/SVF), and the behavioural typing approach (ENST/ILR).

We would like the collaboration to result in a software prototype applicable to realistic applications.

Start : 1st sep. 2004
Duration : 3 years

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