SAFA: Sophia-Antipolis Formal Analysis Group


The Sophia-Antipolis Formal Analysis group has been created in 2007. Its purpose is to gather researchers and engineers involved in the use or definition of formal techniques in Sophia-Antipolis (France) and its region. Both public and private institutions are welcome in the group. The group works shall operate on half-day presentations and discussions on a 3-month basis. A full-day annual workshop is also scheduled. Presentations are selected by founding teams (listed below).

The first aim of this group is for attendees to exchange valuable information on formal description techniques in domains such as electrical and software engineering. Another goal is to root synergies between local academic and private researchers, first in order to increase the visibility of Sophia-Antipolis in formal methods, and second to settle new local, national or international research projects.


Formal methods, formel specification, formal models, verification, analysis, real-time and embedded systems, distributed components, grids, UML, ...

Steering comittee:

Next Workshop

12-13 October 2011-- Sophia-Antipolis

Call for Papers
Extended Abstract submission = june 1st
Author notification = june 19

Previous meetings, detailed programs and presentation slides

2011, oct 12 Workshop Safa'11
2010, oct 6-7 Workshop Safa'10
2009, sep 27 Workshop Safa'09
2008, dec 3 Workshop Safa'08
2008, july 2 Safa day, 2008-2
2008, march 6 Safa day, 2008-1
2007, dec 5 Safa day, 2007-1

The SAFA workshop series were initiated by the following research teams:

SAFA mailists

The SAFA group provides two mailists: