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- Celoxica
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- Dataswift
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- Force10 Networks
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- GridSystems
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- Hewlett Packard
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- Linagora
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- Linux Networx
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Academic Exhibitors

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- Elsevier
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Plenary presentations (Hermes)

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• Commercial Exhibitors

Booth C1
Contact name: Roger Gook (Roger.Gook@celoxica.com), Stephen Chappell Director (steve.chappell@celoxica.com)
URL: www.celoxica.com

Celoxica's unique products and services for Accelerating Enterprise-class Computing have provided
significant benefits to customers with intensive High Performance Computing requirements. By incorporating
reconfigurable electronic components, provided as plug-in accelerator cards in each blade or node, orders
of magnitude performance improvements have been obtained by exploiting parallel wide-data path computation.
Most significantly, Celoxica's tools and utilities enable programmers to migrate performance bottlenecks in their
applications to these components using familiar software design methods - rather than imposing complex electronic
design techniques upon a software community.


Booth C2
Contact name: Eric Tron (et@dataswift.fr)
URL: www.dataswift.fr

DATASWIFT is a French computer company leader in manufacturing top-of-the-range X86 and Sparc based
servers designed for cluster parallel architecture. All the DATASWIFT products are based on the last innovative
hardware and software technologies.


Booth C3
Contact name: Geoffroy Vallee (Geoffroy.Vallee@irisa.fr)
URL: www.kerrighed.org

Kerrighed is a Single System Image operating system for clusters. Kerrighed targets ease of programming,
high performance and high availability. Kerrighed takes benefit of the underlying hardware performance by
providing global management of all cluster resources (processor, memory and disk).
Kerrighed: a cluster single system image OS developed by EDF and IRISA/INRIA.

Force10 Networks

Booth C5
Contact name: John Schaap (jschaap@force10networks.com)
Tel: +31(0)183 699 348
fax: +31(0)183 699 174
Cell:+31(0)622 407 110
URL: www.force10networks.com

Force10 networks is the market leader in high performance Ethernet for grid computing and clustering applications.
The Force10 E-Series delivers the port density, line-rate performance, full L2 switching and L3 routing that enables
server clusters and grids to reach new levels of scalability and performance. Force10 is the only choice for applications
requiring scalable, high performance Ethernet solutions.

Booth C4
Contact name: Dr. Mariano Vazquez (mvazquez@gridsystems.com)
Tel: +34 971 435085
Mob: +34 686 100710
URL: www.gridsystems.com

GridSystems has developed InnerGrid, a "real" tool to convert the networked resources in a fully operative virtual
supercomputer, a "grid". It is multiplatform, robust, easy to install and fault tolerant, accessible and monitorable
through a web browser.

Hewlett Packard     
Booth C6
Contact name: Basu Sujoy (basus@exch.hpl.hp.com)
URL: www.hp.com/techservers/grid/index.html

We will present poster of our research activities in HP Labs in the area of interactive access to remote computers that are
part of grid computing environments. Such interactive grids need research in fine-grain access control and other security issues,
and also resource management and QoS management for graphics-rich application sessions. We also have information from
another project at HP Labs showing how Grid users could potentially use the HP Utility Data Center (UDC) to run commercial
applications easily.


Booth C7
Contact name: James Magowan (Magowan@uk.ibm.com)
URL: www-1.ibm.com/grid

Using IBM Grid Computing, businesses can take advantage of untapped computer and processing
resources to impressively accelerate analytical processes reaching and results far more rapidly and
accurately then within conventional computing environments.

Booth C8
Contact name: Bernard Rannou (bernard.rannou@linagora.com)
Tel : 01 58 18 68 28
URL : www.linagora.com

LINAGORA is a major "Open Source" service and Linux based solution provider. The company offers a complete portfolio
of reliable HPC Linux Solutions based on hardware and software from the main actors in the HPC market. LINAGORA is present
in various areas like HPC and HA clustering, storage, directory solutions or portal development. The main activities of the company
are Consulting, Education, Service, Integrated Solutions and Support.
SGI, known as Silicon Graphic, Inc., is the world's leader in high-performance computing, visualization and the management of
complex data. SGI® products, services and solutions enable its technical and creative customers to gain strategic and competitive
advantages in their core businesses.

Linux Networx
Booth C9
Contact name: Patrice Duffort (patriced@lnxi.com)
ph: +49/631/3031809
fax: +49/631/3031811
Mob: +49/1736915786
URL: www.linuxnetworx.com

Linux Networx develops cluster technology. With the use of cluster computer technology and award winning management
tools (ICE and Clusterworx), Linux Networx provides solutions for companies and institutions with high-computing needs,
including ISPs, ASPs, research, industry, government and other technological fields. To date, the company has built some
of the largest cluster systems in the world.
Among its recent successes is a 11.2 Tflops Linux Networx cluster supercomputer deployed at Lawrence Livermore
National Labs which is ranked 5th on the Top500 list.


Booth C10
Contact name: Joerg Stadler (jstadler@ess.nec.de)
URL: www.hpce.nec.com

One size rarely ever fits all – this fact is true in all areas of life and supercomputing is no different: in order to meet the
wide range of its customers needs, NEC employs a three level product strategy. The high-performance, very-high memory
bandwidth supercomputers of the NEC SX series are specialized tools which use the reliable, proven and well-known vector
approach in order to combine a maximum of application performance with an outstanding ease-of-use. The number one system
of the TOP 500 list, the Earth Simulator, is based on the same technology as the NEC SX-6. NEC augments its highest end
supercomputer offering with a series of mid-range servers based on Intel’s IA64 architecture and the Linux operating system.
These are meant to support users who need the ease-of-use of a large SMP machine but who don’t need the very-high memory
bandwidth of the SX systems. The third product in NEC's portfolio are PC Clusters. These are targeted to customers that have
cluster compatible applications and are ready to trade flexibility for price performance.

• Academic Exhibitors


Booth A4
Contact name: Jean-Louis Pazat (Jean-Louis.Pazat@irisa.fr), Sylvie Poupinel (Sylvie.Poupinel@sophia.inria.fr)
URL: www-sop.inria.fr/aci/grid/public/acigrid.htm   

Program of the 22nd April      

In February 2001, the French Ministry of Research launched a scientific program called GRID (Globalization of Computer
Resources and Data). This ACI (Incitative Concerted Initiative) is funded by the Science National Fund. Its objective is to
reinforce French research in computing and data grids, so that it is able to rank well in international competition. Through this
initiative, already active research teams are consolidated, new groups can be made aware of the field of grids, and computer
scientists and users of these new technologies can meet in multidisciplinary teams.
The GRID ACI grants financial support to research team consortiums following a call for proposals. The amounts distributed
were 2.5 million euros in 2001 and 3 million euros in 2002, essentially in the form of operating funds and fixed term engineer
contracts. GRID thus launched 18 projects in 2001 and 12 projects in 2002.

Booth A1
Contact name: Philippe Falandry (falandry@cines.fr), Jean-Paul Sauter (sauter@cines.fr)
URL: www.cines.fr

CINES (Centre Informatique National de l'Enseignement Supérieur) is a french national computing center
for the research community.
Major activities are:
- High Performance Computing
- Databases, Multimedia and Web services
- Expertise and training on networks

EUROGRID / GRIP         
Booth A3
Contact name: Miss Kaukab Jaffri (K.Jaffri@man.ac.uk), Phillip Wieder (ph.wieder@fz-juelich.de)
URL EUROGRID: www.eurogrid.org
URL GRIP: www.grid-interoperability.org

Both EUROGRID AND GRIP are EU funded projects. EUROGRID aims to demonstrate the use of GRIDs in selected
scientific and industrial communities. It addresses the specific requirements of these communities, and highlights the benefits
of using GRIDs. The EUROGRID project relies on a proven GRID infrastructure originally developed for the leading German
supercomputer centres in the UNICORE project. GRIP (Grid Interoperability Project) specifically aims to develop software
to facilitate the interoperation of Unicore and Globus combining the unique strength of each system; to build and demonstrate
biomolecular and meteorological inter-grid applications; to contribute to and influence international grid standards via the Global
Grid Forum. Together, the three objectives will lead to proliferation of grids, global support for e-Science, faster advances in
Grid development through sharing of solutions, and wider acceptance of grid technology by industry based on proven standards.

 INRIA / ARP         
Booth A5
Contact name: Isabelle Attali (Isabelle.Attali@sophia.inria.fr), Laurent Lefevre (Laurent.Lefevre@ens-lyon.fr)
URL INRIA: www.inria.fr
URL ARP: www.arp.cnrs.fr

INRIA's ambition is to be a world player, a research institute at the heart of the information society. INRIA's decentralized
organization (6 Research Units), its small autonomous teams (projects), and regular evaluation enable INRIA to develop its
partnerships and strengthen its involvement in the development of research results and technology transfer: 400 R & D contracts
with industry and 50 technology companies have been born of the Institute. More than 25 projects conduct researches in the
domain of parallel and distributed computing. Some are represented on this booth with posters and/or demonstrations.

ARP is a large research group of CNRS focusing on architecture, systems, networks and parallelism.The goal of ARP is to
federate the scientific community in France in these domains. People within this group are researchers from many entities such
as Universities, CNRS, INRIA, GET, CEA, ONERA, ARP is divided in special interest groups.

• Publisher


Booth A2
Contact name: Olivier Simonnot (o.simonnot@elsevier.com)
URL: www.elsevier.com

Elsevier has become the undisputed market leader in the publication and dissemination of literature covering the broad spectrum
of scientific endeavors. Working with the world's most respected scientists and researchers, Elsevier has set a high standard for
quality. Its publications are written and edited by international scholars with excellent technical and scientific credentials, and wide
research and teaching experience in their fields.

Plenary presentations (Hermes)

We setup small (10') plenary presentations during lunch break, as a teasing towards participants to meet you on your booth.

Commercials (Celoxica, Dataswift, Force10Networks, Grid Systems, Linagora): Wednesday, April 23, 2003, 12h35 - 13h25
Academics (Eurogrid/Grip, INRIA/ARP, ACI Grid): Thursday, April 24, 2003, 12h45 - 13h15

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