20 - 24 October 2008
INRIA, Sophia-Antipolis
The France

Large and complex software systems provide the necessary infrastucture in all industries today. In order to construct such large systems in a systematic manner, the focus in the development methodologies has switched in the last two decades from functional issues to structural issues: both data and functions are encapsulated into software units which are integrated into large systems by means of various techniques supporting reusability and modifiability. This encapsulation principle is essential to both the object-oriented and the more recent component-based sofware engineering paradigms.

The objective of this symposium is to bring together researchers and practioners in the areas of software engineering and formal methods to discuss the concepts of reusability and modifiability in component-based and object-oriented software systems. This year the above objective will be realized by a concertation meeting of the following  European IST projects and network in the sixth and seventh frameworks:


The symposium is a three days event organized to provide an atmosphere that fosters collaborative work, discussions and interaction. Extended abstracts of the contributions will be published after the symposium in a proceedings of Lecture Notes in Computer Science by Springer-Verlag.