Updates over Large Mobile Social Network: models, algorithms, open problems

Augustin Chaintreau



(joint work with S. Ioannidis, N. Ristanovic, J.-Y. Le Boudec, L. Massoulie). The proliferation of mobile phones and other portable devices with increased storage and wireless communication capabilities has created a new networking environment for peer-to-peer applications. In such mobile opportunistic networks, users can take advantage of local contacts to exchange content, thus improving coverage and capacity offered to the network by an infrastructure. On the one hand, this approach appears promising for delay-tolerant content dissemination, but on the other hand, most of today's online content is frequently updated and accessed again. This motivates to study the dissemination of dynamic content (e.g. news, traffic information, mutable document), over a mobile social network, created by users encounters. In this talk, we present models and empirical results aiming at assessing the scalability, the role of the social topology of contacts between users, as well as the injection algorithm used for such content dissemination. We prove in particular that these applications remains scalable under general topological conditions, that large networks approach a deterministic regime entirely characterized, and that the optimal injection strategy follows a convex optimization problem. This survey is also a chance to discuss of some related open problems.

[Augustin Chaintreau]