Unwanted traffic on the Internet

Balachander Krishnamurthy

AT&T Labs--Research


The speaker will present a brief overview of Internet in-security with a focus on unwanted traffic. Some research ideas and practical steps being taken in the face of the various challenges will be presented. He will highlight increasing concerns about the underground economy and present some recent data. Bio: Balachander Krishnamurthy has been with AT&T Labs--Research since his PhD. His main focus of research of late is in the areas of unwanted traffic, Internet measurements, and Internet protocols. He has authored and edited a dozen books, published over 70 papers, holds nineteen patents, and has given invited talks in over thirty countries. He co-founded the successful Internet Measurement Conference in 2001 and created the new workshop SRUTI (Steps to Reducing Unwanted Traffic on the Internet). He has been on the thesis committee of several PhD students, on the board of several journals, collaborated with over sixty researchers worldwide, and given tutorials at several industrial sites and conferences. His most recent book, co-authored with Mark Crovella, "Internet Measurements: Infrastructure, Traffic and Applications" (525pp, John Wiley) was published in July 2006 and is the first detailed book on Internet Measurement. His earlier book 'Web Protocols and Practice' (672 pp, Addison-Wesley, co-authored with Jennifer Rexford) is the first in-depth book on the technology underlying the World Wide Web, and has been translated into Portuguese, Japanese, Russian, and Chinese. Bala is homepageless but many of his papers can be found at http://www.research.att.com/~bala/papers

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AT&T Labs--Research