Prototyping of Communication Algorithms for Wireless Networks

Fehmi Ben Abdesslem



In wireless networks, bringing together theory and practice, i.e., going all the way from designing a protocol or application, evaluating it analytically and through simulations, to having a working implementation, is far from trivial. This is due especially to the challenges raised by the spatially and time variant nature of the wireless channel. As a consequence, wireless protocol research typically stops at the simulation level when testing and evaluating solutions to the many problems raised by wireless networks. This talk will introduce Prawn (Prototyping Architecture for Wireless Networks), an environment for rapid prototyping of wireless network protocols. Prawn has been designed to provide: (i) a set of simple building blocks that implement common functions needed by a wide range of wireless protocols (e.g., neighbor discovery, link quality assessment, message transmission and reception), and (ii) a standard API that allows protocol designers easy access to these simple functions. Prawn can be used particularly to evaluate wireless protocols in real conditions and with little effort.

[Fehmi Ben Abdesslem]