On some performance issues of TCP in new network environments

Tuan Anh Trinh

Budapest University of Technology and Economics


Recent advances in network technology (such as Gigabit and wireless links) open new opotunities but also pose some new challenges. For example, in a Gigabit network, one of the main performance concerns of TCP is link utilization rather than congestion avoidance. In a wireless network, the misinterpretation of TCP on the nature of packet loss (due to physical wireless link or congestion) would lead to severe performance degradation. Competition and bandwidth sharing are also the issues of today's TCP network.

This talk discusses some of the performance issues of TCP in these networks from different perspectives. Some preliminary results on game-theoretic analysis of TCP Vegas and FAST TCP as well as control-theoretic analysis of High Speed TCP networks are also provided. Finally, the talk concludes with a general overview of ongoing research projects on transport protocols for high speed and heterogeneous networks at HSNLab (BUTE, Hungary).

[Tuan Anh Trinh]
[Budapest University of Technology and Economics]