A Minimum Cost Surveillance Sensor Network with a Lifetime Constraint

Catherine Rosenberg

Purdue University


We consider a scenario in which sensor nodes are to be deployed over a unit area for the purpose of surveillance. An aircraft visits the area periodically and gathers data about the activity in the area from the sensor nodes. There are two types of nodes that are distributed over the unit area using two-dimensional homogeneous Poisson point processes; type 0 nodes with intensity lambda_0 and battery energy E0, and type 1 nodes with intensity lambda_1 and battery energy E1. Type 0 nodes do the sensing while type 1 nodes act as the cluster heads besides doing sensing. Nodes use multi-hopping to communicate with the cluster heads. We determine the optimum node intensities (lambda_0, lambda_1) and node energies (E0, E1) that guarantee a lifetime of at least T units, while ensuring connectivity and coverage of the surveillance area with a high probability. We minimize the overall cost of the network under these constraints. We define lifetime as the number of successful data gathering trips (or cycles) that are possible until connectivity and/or coverage are lost. Conditions for a sharp cutoff are also taken into account, i.e., we ensure that almost all the nodes run out of energy at about the same time so that there is very little energy waste due to residual energy. We compare the results for random deployment with those of a grid deployment in which nodes are placed deterministically along grid points. We observe that in both cases lambda_1 scales approximately as square root of lambda_0. Our results can be directly extended to take into account unreliable nodes.

This work was done in collaboration with: Vivek Mhatre, Ravi Mazumdar, and Ness Shroff.

BIOGRAPHY: Dr. Catherine Rosenberg has worked in several countries including USA, UK, Canada, France and India. In particular, she worked for Nortel Networks in the UK, AT&T Bell Laboratories in the USA, Alcatel in France and taught at Ecole Polytechnique of Montreal (Canada). Dr. Rosenberg is currently Professor in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Purdue University. She is also the Director of the university-wide Center for Wireless Systems and Applications at Purdue University. Dr. Rosenberg is an Associate Editor for Telecommunication Systems, IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, and IEEE Communications Surveys. She has been and is involved in many conferences including IEEE INFOCOM, International Teletraffic Congress (ITC), IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC), and IEEE Mobicom.

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