A Scalable Differentiation Architecture for Bandwidth Sharing Between Unicast and Multicast Flows

Fethi Filali



The efficient support of multicast communication by existing network infrastructure and protocols raises many open issues, including unicast and multicast fairness, multicast congestion control, and multicast routing.

In this paper, we propose a two classes scheduler called SBQ (Service-Based Queuing) to share the bandwidth fairly between unicast and multicast flows based on a new definition of unicast and multicast fairness called inter-service fairness. We utilize our recently proposed active queue management mechanism MFQ (Multicast Fair Queuing) to fairly share the bandwidth among all competing flows in the multicast queue.

The simulation results obtained for very heterogeneous sources and links characteristics suggest that, on the one hand, our scheduler achieves the expected aggregated bandwidth allocation for both unicast and multicast service, and on the other hand the multicast flows remain globally TCP-friendly.

[Fethi Filali]