Dynamic Routing of Resilient Bandwidth Guaranteed Paths in Multi-Protocol Label Switched (MPLS) Networks

T.V. Lakshman

Bell Labs


In MPLS networks packets are encapsulated, at ingress points, with labels that are then used to forward the packets along label switched paths (LSPs). These LSPs can be thought of as virtual traffic trunks that carry flow aggregates. An important feature of MPLS networks is ``explicit routing'' which permits LSPs to be routed along specified paths that can be picked to maximize network usage. Another feature is the mechanisms that permit restorability by moving traffic to backup LSPs upon link or node failure. In this talk, we consider the problem of routing LSPs when each LSPs arrive one-at-a-time to the network and future demands are unknown. Some solutions for efficient routing and restoration of bandwidth guaranteed LSPs using only information that is potentially obtainable from link-state routing protocols are presented.

(joint work with Murali Kodialam, Bell Labs).

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