Microscopic Route Based Simulation: Some comments on the issues concerning the use of time dependent shortest paths and route choice models.

Prof. Jaime Barceló

Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Barcelona


Microscopic trafic simulation has proven to be a useful tool for the design and assessment of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) by its ability to capture the full dynamics of the time dependent phenomena. In most relevant cases the simulation of these ITS applications requires to take explicitly into account the routes between origins and destinations used by individual cars on the road network. This is the case for example of the vehicle guidance applications or the Advanced Traffic Management Strategies based on the use of VMS to convey information to the road users or to recommend or force reroutings. This requirement asks for a change in the classical microscopic simulation paradigm. The microscopic model should be able of dynamically assign vehicles to routes between origins and destinations that will change over time depending on the time changes on the traffic conditions and therefore on path travel times. Additionally the simulator should be able of allowing some vehicles to change dynamically the route en route. From the point of view of the dynamic assignment such a microscopic simulator could be considered as a heuristic dynamic network loading procedure. This seminar will introduce this type of microscopic simulation, the way which it has been implemented in the AIMSUN2 simulator, and will discuss some of the still open issues concerning the use of the route choice models in this dynamic context.

[Prof. Jaime Barceló]
[Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Barcelona]