Damien Artiges

  • Organisation: INRIA
  • Research Unit: Sophia Antipolis
  • Service: Projet Mistral
  • Position: industrial post-doc with ASCOM Sophia Research Lab
  • E-mail: artiges@ascom.eurecom.fr
  • Phone: +33 92 94 22 04 (ASCOM)
  • Fax: +33 93 65 78 58 (INRIA)

    Postscipt documents:

    My resume in English

    A page with my PhD thesis (Watch out! it is in French!!).

    A recent paper with Philippe Nain: Upper and Lower Bounds for the Multiplexing of Multiclass Markovian On/Off Sources

    J'ai aussi une page en français!

    Damien Artiges