QMIPS was the ESPRIT Basic Research project number 7269. This document contains some informations on this project, its participants and some of its results.

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QMIPS is an acronym for: Quantitative Modeling in Parallel Systems.

François Baccelli (Francois.Baccelli@sophia.inria.fr), is the coordinator of the project.

The research teams participating to the project were:

The main objectives of the project were to define, develop and promote a methodologiy for modeling and evaluating the performances of parallel and distributed systems, integrating in the process the software and architectural aspects.

The project started in October 1992, and lasted three years. It held seven workshops:

The QMIPS project went through two intermediate reviews, the first one in Brussels, October 1993, and the second one in Newcastle, October 1994. It concluded with its final review, in Zaragoza, October 1995.

For more information on QMIPS, please read:

Contact: Alain Jean-Marie (Alain.Jean-Marie@inria.fr).