Elastic links and dissipative forces. "Fragile links"

The Air object broadcasts the " air_resistance " events in the system. To construct this simulation we added to the behavior of Particles the parallel treatment of the " air_resistance " events. Their contribution is proportional to the velocitiy of the Particle as well as to the radius of the object and to the density of the environment. Try, for example, to destabilize the system by drag-and-droping the central Fixed Point.

Another feature is that now some links are "fragile", so if you move the corresponding Fixed Point sufficiently far, the Particle will produce the generation of " burst " event and will rupture the link. This is the typical case of hybrid behavior simulation. We see that both continuous and discret behaviors can be combined and simulated with the event model of reactive approach. (Try, for example, to drag a Fixed Point in the direction of the closest corner of simulation workspace).