Elastic links and gravitation

Now the Particles respond in parallel to the influences of Fixed Points. The communication between these two reactive objects passes through event channels using the same general scheme of behavior of each object parallel treatments of all influences (the contribution of each Fixed Point event is proportional to the distance between the point and the Particle, the one of the Flat Gravity object is constant and equal to (0,g_const)). Preemption of the program of Fixed Point means the absence of corresponding events, so we can " cut " any link by deleting an appropriate Fixed Point. Moreover, we can delete any object and its influence from the system (verify it by deleting the Flat Gravity object which broadcasts the " flat_gravity " events in the system).

To delete an object, just drag-and-drop the Trash element to it and click. This example demonstrates a simple and modular way to treat some hybrid systems (continuous systems with discrete events).