ULM: Un Langage pour la Mobilité
ULM is a set of primitives adding Reactive Programming and Mobility to functional languages.

In this site you will find the embedding of ULM in a Scheme language, and a Compiler and Virtual Machine for this embedding.

ULM features:

  • Threads, agents, strong migration, remote references
  • Deterministic scheduling
  • A threading replacement for event-loops
  • A mixins object system
  • R5RS (most of)
  • SRFIs 1, 23, 34, and 35.
  • TCP/IP and Bluetooth migration channels
  • Virtual Machines for C, Java 2 ME and SE
Yes people, you read that well, it works on J2ME. The jar is 128k so it fits on phones such as the Nokia 6230.

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