Mobile Computing

This page will gather all the informations concerning the 2nd quarter course entitled "Mobile Computing".

Planned schedule and slides:

With the growing development of distributed networks, it is necessary to give a formal framework to describe the behaviour of concurrent and communicating systems. During the past years, researchers have tried to define mathematical models of higher-order processes, allowing exchange of communication channel names or even processes. This lecture aims to give a survey of the main formalisms and techniques, and their applications.

Introductory course on mobility; classification of models (mobility of names, of processes...); two of them will be studied more in details: Pi-calculus and Ambient calculus; related formal tools and variants.

2h / week
3 weeks of introductory lectures, followed by seminars from students, based on research papers.

Each student will have to write a summary and present a seminar on a selected research article.

Dal Zilio's article "Mobile Processes - A Commented Bibliography" as a reference, and many research papers.
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Xudong Guan's bibliography on mobile ambients:

Pascal Zimmer