All styles files available on CTAN

Class files are listed below. Other files here. Some obsolete files are here.

Comments :

Dates refer to the versions available on CTAN on Jan 2001 for the latex/contrib directory. No version numbers are given for the standard latex distribution.


2sidedoc.sty [1999/01/24] [CS]

2up.sty [93/01/28 1.2] [CO] 2up.tex/2up.sty provides two-up printing for Generic TeX

3parttable.sty [Donald Arseneau Updated on May 13, 1999.] [CO] This package facilitates tables with titles (captions) and notes. The title and notes are given a width equal to the body of the table (a tabular environment).

RR.sty [sophia] Style file for Inria research reports

RRA4.sty [sophia] like RR.sty, smaller margins

a0size.sty [1997/05/06 v1.21b] [CS] Used by a0poster.

a4.sty [[1999/03/03 v1.2f A4 based page layout] [CS] A package that says that the current document is printed on a4 paper.

a4wide.sty [1994/08/30] [CO] Redefines the margins so that they are more in line with what we are used to see.

abbrevs.sty [1999/03/08 v1.2] A package for abbreviations.

abstract.sty [2001/02/11 v1.1 configurable abstracts]

accenti.sty [1997/12/20 2.0] [CS]

accents.sty [2000/08/06 v1.2] [CS] A package that allows two (and even more) accents on a letter in math mode.

achemso.sty [1998/06/01 version 1.0.] [CS] [1998/06/01 version 1.0.] The achemso package provides a BibTeX style in accordance with the requirements of the journals of The American Chemical Society. It consists of both a BibTeX style file and a LaTeX package file. Also provided, is a BibTeX style file to be used for bibliography data base listings via an option to the LaTeX package achemso.

achicago.sty [1995/11/27 v1] [CS] A bibliography style based on The Chicago Manual of Style

acromake.sty [1995/7/16] [CO] This file generates acronyms.

acronym.sty [2000/05/21, v1.6, Tobias Oetiker] [CS] Another package for acronyms. This package makes sure, that all acronyms used in the text are spelled out in full at least once. And it provides an environment to keep a list of acronyms. Somewhere in the document.

addrset.sty [2001/3/01 v3.1] Address macros

adrlist.sty [feb95, Tobias Spribille] [CO] Macros for generating lists of adresses

advdate.sty [20 Oct 1996] [CO] This package contains macros which can add specified number of days to the current date (as specified in \today) and print it. Some other macros are also provided.

aeguill.sty [2001/04/12 v1.01] [CS] AE fonts with french guillemets

afterpage.sty [tools]

afthesis.sty, afthes10.sty, afthes11.sty, afthes12.sty See afthesis.cls. afthesis.sty loads afthesis.cls; other files are size options.

aguplus.sty obsolete, use aguplus.cls instead.

aicv1.sty [2000/01/12 v1.0.1 STEP AIC package] application interpreted construct (iso 10303)

alg.sty [1999/04/15] [CO] A package for algorithms

algorithm.sty [8 April 1996, Peter Williams] [CS] Complement to algorithmic.sty: declares algorithms as floats.

algorithmic.sty [8 April 1996, Peter Williams] [CS] Package for typesetting algorithms.

alleqno.sty (209) (1993) makes all displayed equations numbered by default

alltt.sty [1997/06/16 v2.0g defines alltt environment]

alphalph.sty [CS] [1999/04/13 v1.1 Converting numbers to letters (HO)]

alphanum.sty [1998/07/13 v4.3 ] [CS] alphanumeric section numbers

altfont.sty [1996/07/02, v1.1, S.M. Kirsch] [CS] altfont.dtx uses the same concepts as psfont.dtx, but is written in a more general way. It can be used with any fonts which are to be used as default fonts. It is more powerful than psfont.dtx, but does not contain anything PostScript specific. It can be used as a replacement for some parts of both psnfss and mfnfss.

ams.sty [1996/01/09 3.16] [CS] A package for using ams fonts.

amsbsy.sty [ams] (bold math symbols)

amscd.sty [ams] (commutative diagrams)

amsfonts.sty [ams] (fonts)

amsgen.sty [ams] (general commands)

amsintsm.sty [ams beta]

amsintx.sty [ams beta]

amsmath.sty [ams] (math)

amsopn.sty [ams] (operators)

amssymb.sty [ams] (symboles)

amstex.sty [ams] (old)

amstext.sty [ams] (text)

amsthm.sty [ams] (theorems)

amsxtra.sty [ams] (extras)

annotation.sty 1989-10-30 (209) (more or less like comment.sty)

anonchap.sty [2000/04/01 v1.1 typeset chapter like section] [CS]

answers.sty [10 Jul 1996, v2.10, Mike Piff] [CS] A package for exercices and answers.

antree.sty [1994/06/22] [CO] annotated trees

apacite.sty [1994/11/30 APA citation] [CO] The apacite package and bibstyle are the zillionth attempt at capturing the requirements of the American Psychological Association concerning citations and reference list.

apalike-plus.sty (209) (1993) Extension to apalike

apalike.sty (209) (1993) will produce an apa-like bibliography style

apeqnum.sty (209) (1993) causes equations to be numbered A1, A2, A3, B1, etc. in a document.

apjfonts.sty [version 4 Mar 1999][CS] This is a style file which switches to postscript Times fonts for ordinary text and math, but uses greek letters and math symbols from the cm fonts.

appendix.sty [2001/03/15 v1.1 extra appendix facilities] [CS]

apv1.sty [1996/05/31 STEP AP package][CS] iso10303 ap version 1.

apv12.sty [2000/01/12 v1.2.1 STEP AP package][CS]

ar.sty [21 april 1998] [CO], The ar font and package bundle is used to insert the "aspect ratio" symbol in any text and formula dealing with (presumably) aeronautics.

array.sty [tools]

arrsy.sty [1995/12/27 12:25:18] Defines lots of arrows

arydshln.sty [2000/07/04 v1.4 ] [CS] This file gives \LaTeX's |array| and |tabular| environments the capability to draw horizontal/ vertical dash-lines.

asaetr.sty [03 Sep 1997] [CO] Unofficial style for Transactions of the ASAE

asaesub.sty [12-Feb-92] [CO]

askinclude.sty [nov 94] [CO] The askinclude package asks the user which files to include.

askincv1.sty [1995/05/31 Interactive include package] [CS]

astyped.sty Defines the `astyped' environment, which is like the `verbatim' environment (old)

at.sty [CS] [1996/05/02 1.3 @-command support (MDW)]

attrib.sty [1999/02/24 v1.1] The \attrib macro attributes block elements, for example when citing a reference after a block quotation.

atsv1.sty [1996/05/31 STEP ATS package] [CS] STEP ATS style version 1. iso10303

atsv11.sty [2000/01/12 v1.1.1 STEP ATS package]

atxy.sty [sophia] Absolute text positioning

authordate1-4.sty (1992) intended for documents that use the author-date citation system.

authorindex.sty [1997/7/30] [CS] make an index of authors cited in a work. (c) Andreas Wettstein, Institut f"ur Integrierte Systeme, ETH Z"urich,

autofilo.sty [1997/12/05 12:14:08 2.4 Frank Bennett][CS] This package provides an environment within which pages are framed with cut lines and printed with punch-marks, so that printed text can easily be inserted into a filofax.

avant.sty [psnfss] for PostScript AvantGarde font

babel.sty [babel] The multilingual package.

backref.sty [1999/10/07, v1.19, David Carlisle, Sebastian Rahtz] [CS] Package that puts hypertext links from the bibliography to the text.

bahasa.sty [babel]

bar.sty (209) Style File zum Setzen von Balkendiagrammen

basker.sty [psnfss] for PostScript Baskerville font

baskervi.sty for PostScript Baskerville (pbv)

bbding.sty [1999/04/15 v1.01 Dingbats symbols][CS]

bbm.sty [1999/03/15, v1.2, Torsten Hilbrich] [CS] Part of the BBM package, a support for using the bbm* fonts (black board math). The fonts are located in fonts/cm/bbm.

bembo.sty [psnfss] for Bembo donts

beton.sty [1995/03/05, v1.3, Frank Jensen] [CS] A package to use the concrete fonts.

bez123.sty [1998/10/14 v1.1 Bezier curves][CS]

bframe.sty [1999/06/11 OBSOLETE]

bg.sty [CO] A style file to annote backgammon matches and positions

biblist.sty Style qui montre le contenu d'un fichier de bibliographies (old ?)

bibentry.sty [1999/02/23 1.2 (PWD)] [CS]Bibliography Entries in Text

bibmods.sty (209) a modification to the thebibliography environment to improve spacing.

bibtopic.sty [2000/10/17 v1.0j Sectioned Bibliographies][CS]

bibunits.sty [2000/10/10 v2.2 Multiple bibliographies in one document.][CS]

bigdelim.sty [version 1.0 Nov 5, 1999][CS]

bigstrut.sty [V1.0 (31-May-94)] [CS] \bigstrut[x] produces a strut which is \bigstrutjot (2pt by default) higher, lower, or both than the standard array/table strut.

bigtabular.sty (old)

biocon.sty [2000/08/18 Typesets Biological Statements, v.0.06][CS]

biotex.sty [2000/03/18 LaTeX BioTeX Bundle (v1.0)][CS]

bits.sty [1996/03/26 v1.0][CO] No documentation available.

bizcard.sty [1999/09/04 v1.1][CS] Package for business cards

blindtext.sty [V1.1 2000/08/01] [CS] Style to create text (commands blindtext and Blindtext)

blkarray.sty [03 December 1992, v0.04, David Carlisle][CS] A LaTeX style option extending array and tabular.

blkcntrl.sty [1999/02/25 v1.1] [CS] Inserts various hooks into block elements and footnotes

block.sty [CO] (redefines \opening and \closing)

bophook.sty [2001/03/29 v0.02][CS] beginning-of-page hook, K. Tinnefeld

bookman.sty [psnfss] Bookman font

booktabs.sty [1995/11/06 v1.00, Simon Fear] [CS] Package provides publication quality tables for LaTeX.

boundbox.sty [1998/02/24] Calculate TeX Bounding Box in points (LaTeX2e)

boxedminipage.sty [CO] Minipages in a box

boxit.sty puts a box around text

braket.sty [CO] Last modified 05-Dec-1999

braille.sty [April 1999][CS] This package defines macros, commands, and fonts to typeset 6-dot braille symbols for the blinds.

breakcites.sty [02/20/97] [CO] Style file to allow citations to be broken across lines.

brclc.sty [1999/09/10 v0.1.3 calculations with brclc][CS]

breton.sty [babel]

bytefield.sty [2000/07/02 v1.00 Byte Field Package (SDP)][CS]

calc.sty [1998/07/07 v4.1b Infix arithmetic, Kresten Krab Thorup and Frank Jensen] A package for doing arithmetic operations in infix mode. [tools]

calendar.sty [1998/01/17 18:14:52 Frank Bennett][CS] This package provides tools for creating customized calendars using \LaTeXe.

calligra.sty [1996/07/18 v1.2] [CO] Package for using calligra font.

calprog.sty (209) calendar program

calrsfs.sty [1994/06/06 Vadim V. Zhytnikov] [CO] This style replaces \mathcal by Ralph Smith's formal script

camel.sty [1997/02/17 v1.0t General bibliography engine (Frank Bennett)]

cancel.sty [1999/03/02 v1.1 Cancel math terms] [CO] In math mode, \cancel{} draws a diagonal line through the math expression. \cancelto{}{} draws a diagonal arrow through the expression, pointing to the value. The slope of the line depends on the expression being cancelled.

captdef.sty a trivial package to define captions that don't have to be in floats.

capt-of.sty [CAPT-OF.STY v0.1] [CO] This short package permits you to have things with apparently `proper' captions in the body of your text.

captcont.sty captions in continuations of floats

caption.sty, caption2.sty [1995/04/05 v1.4b][CS] [1995/10/09 v2.0, Harald Axel Sommerfeldt] Two packages that provide many ways to customise the captions in floating environments such figure and table.

cases.sty [ver 2.3 May 2000] [CO] This provides a LaTeX environment {numcases} to produce multi-case equations with a separate equation number for each case.

catalan.sty [babel]

ccaption.sty [2001/03/15 v3.0][CS] Extended captioning and new floats

ccfonts.sty [2000/06/30 v1.1 (WaS)][CS] A package for using concrete fonts.

cchess.sty [96/12/28] [CO] [1996/12/28 v1.0b chinese chess support (FMi/SPQR)]

cd.sty (209) Commutative diagram macros modified from AmSTeX

cd-cover.sty [1997/12/24 v1.0 Christian Holm][CO] LaTeX package for providing support for typesetting CD covers

cea.sty [Version 0.1a 30 Mar 2000] LaTeX style for Computers and Electronics in Agriculture

centaur.sty PSNFSS LaTeX package loading Centaur

cgloss4e.sty [CS] Following borrows from Covington's style files inspired by Midnight by M. de Groot, adapted to be used with gb4e.sty: examples beginning with \ex can contain glosses directly. Default is Linguistic Inquiry style with all lines in \rm; to change a line (eg. to \it for a particular journal, change the appropriate line: e.g., \let\eachwordone=\rm in a copy of this file. Note that it will NOT work to put \it before the line as the words are parsed separately.

chancery.sty [psnfss] Package Zapf Chancery font

changebar.sty [2000/09/26 v3.3j Johannes Braams][CS] This package implements a way to indicate modifications in a LaTeX-document by putting bars in the margin.

chappg.sty [2000/05/24 v2.0d page numbering by chapter] [CO]

chapref.sty Package one biblio per chapter (old)

chapterbib.sty [Version 1.8 (29-APR-1999)][CS] Do multiple bibliographies--one for each \include file.

charpath.sty Part of PsTricks

charter.sty [psnfss] Package for Charter font.

chbibref.sty [2001/03/07 v1.0] change Bibliography/References heading

chem.sty [CO]

chemcono.sty [1999/09/10 1.3 Stefan Schulz][CS] LaTeX style file for using compound numbers in chemistry documents. It works like \cite and the \thebibliography, using \fcite and \theffbibliography instead. It allows compound names in documents to be numbered and does not affect the normal citation routines. Very helpful for writing chemistry papers.

chemsym.sty [1998/05/31 v.2.0 Mats Dahlgren][CS] Package which makes it easier to type chemical symbols correctly. It defines a command for each element of the periodic table (the 109 first), Deuterium, the Methyl, Ethyl and Butyl, etc.

chess-workshop-symbols[2000/08/26] [CO]

chicago.sty Macros for using chicago.bst

china2e.sty [1997/06/01 v1.0 by Udo Heyl, Eisenach][CS] Package to produce Chinese calendar symbols of the old Chinese lunisolar calendar.

chngcntr.sty [2001/03/30 v1.0] change counter resetting

chnpage.sty [2001/02/24 v1.1c change page layout]

chomsky.sty (209) Package for printing syntax trees

chordbk.sty [Version 3.1, 13 Nov 1999][CS] This style file is a companion to the songbook.sty

circ.sty [ Fri 03-13-1998, Sebastian Tannert / Andreas Tille] The package \CIRC is a tool for typesetting circuit diagrams and block schematics. It defines several electrical symbols such as resistors, capacitors, transistors etc. These symbols can be connected with wires in a very easy way.

circle.sty [1998/07/15 LaTeX package for circles in math mode][CO]

cite.sty [apr 1999, v3.8, Donald Arseneau][CS] Compressed, sorted lists of numerical citations: [8,11-16]

citehack.sty [CS] This is the file citehack.sty of the T2 package.

citeref.sty [1999/27/05 v1.1] [CO]

cites.sty (209) citation package

citesort.sty (old) citation package

cjwmacro.sty [1998/04/10, 1.3, Colin J. Wynne] [CS] This file is part of cjw-latex, a collection of package files for LaTeX2e.

cjwmath.sty [1998/04/10, 1.3 Colin J. Wynne] [CS] Math macros for LaTeX2e

cjwoutl.sty [1996/04/26, v0.6 Colin J. Wynne] [CS] A package for generating outlines with LaTeX2e.

cjwplain.sty [1995/05/01 v0.5 Colin J. Wynne] [CS] A package that adds into Latex all commands that were in plain tex.

cjwresize.sty [1995/05/09 v0.1 Colin J. Wynne] [CS] Change Default LaTeX Page Layouts

cjwunits.sty [1998/04/10, 1.3, Colin J. Wynne] [CS] Typesetting units in LaTeX2e

cmcyralt.sty [1994/12/25 v1.0] [CO] cmcyr fonts in alt encoding (A.Harin and V.Zhytnikov

cmdtrack.sty [1999/07/22 v1.05] [CS] This is a LaTeX package that aids in the task of checking whether a command defined in a document preamble is actually used somewhere in the document.

cmsd.sty [1997/10/26 v1.0] [CS] An alternative interface to the EC Sans Serif boldface fonts

cmmib57.sty part of ams.

cmtt.sty [1996/05/25 1.1 Handing of the cmtt font] [CS] Handing of the cmtt font.

codepage.sty [2 January 1995, v1.2, Alain Aubord] This package provides some commands to handle different code pages in the same document. It works with TeX and LaTeX.

color.sty [required/graphics]

colortab.sty Part of PsTricks

colortbl.sty [1999/03/24 v0.1i Color table columns (DPC)] [CS] This package implements a flexibable mechanism for giving coloured `panels' behind specified columns in a table.

combinet.sty [2000/05/07 v0.1 document titles in ToC] [CS]

comma.sty [1997/12/15 v1.2 David Carlisle] [CS] This package provides a means of producing numbers with a separator (by default a comma) every three digits.

comment.sty [version 3.5, August 1998] [CO] selectively in/exclude pieces of text: the user can define new comment versions, and each is controlled separately. Special comments can be defined where the user specifies the action that is to be taken with each comment line.

compsci.sty [1999/03/08 v1.1] Matthew Swift [CS] Macros for writing about macros.

concmath.sty [1999/03/10 v2.0b] [CS] LaTeX package for Concrete math fonts

concrete.sty [CO] beton+euler

conditionals.sty [v 1.2 1997/12/13] See songbook.

contour.sty [2000/03/14 v1.03] [CS]

count1to.sty [1999/06/08 v1.22 Count1to9 Package (MS)] [CS] LaTeX package which sets count1 to count9, which can be used to select certain pages with a driver.

coordsys.sty [2000/10/24 version 1.0] [CS]

cooking.sty [1999/06/24 v0.9b] [CS] Cooking recipes

courier.sty courier font

covington.sty [1997 March 12] [CS] Covington's linguistic macros.

cprog.sty (209) typeset C code in latex.

croatian.sty [babel]

cropmark.sty (generic) This will put crop marks on everythings that's \shipout'ed.

crop.sty [2000/02/02 v1.4] [CS] provides different forms of cropmarks for trimming paper stacks,

crosswrd.sty [1996/12/06 v2.8b Generating crosswords (BHK)] [CO]

cuisine.sty [2000/08/01 v0.5 recipe typesetting][CS]

currvita.sty [1999/09/13 v0.9i Typesetting a Curriculum Vitae][CS]

cursor.sty [1999/01/20 v1.1] [CS] cursors in formulas

curves.sty, curvesls.sty [2000/08/22 1.50, I.L. Maclaine-cross][CS] Draws curves in LaTeX picture environment using parabolas between points with continuous slope at points. Equivalent to technical pens with compasses and French curves. curvesls.sty is a faster equivalent requiring less memory which uses straight line drawing \specials like emTeX's.

cuted.sty [1997/10/01] Insert some onecolumn material in full-width on double-column page


cwbl-deutsch.sty, cwbl-french.sty, cwbl-german.sty, cwbl-italian.sty [CS] Utilitaries for C web latex : mots-clés en allemand, français, etc.

cwebarray.sty [CS] Replacement of | by I for arrays in Cweb.

cwebx.sty extra stuff for cweb bundle, to be added there sometimes.

cweb-doc.sty, cwebzw.sty ???

cwpuzzle.sty [1996/11/25] [CO] for typesetting crossword puzzles.

cyr.sty [?] [CO] Package for using the wncyr font.

cyrillic.sty (209) package for using mcyr fonts

czech.sty [babel]

danish.sty [babel]

dates.sty [1998/01/17 17:12:39 3.16 Frank Bennett] [CS] Dates parsing support (from Calendar package).

dayofweek.sty (209) day of the week, phase of the moon

db.sty (209) Style to generate listings, to send out letters, etc. using a database

dblfnote.sty [1999/07/14 v1.0 ] [CS] packages for footnotes

dblfont.sty [1997/12/13 v2.0 F. Bosisio] [CS] Blackboard-bold symbols

dcolumn.sty [tools]

dcounter.sty [1998/12/19 v1.0 Dynamic Counters Package (NCC)] [CS]

dpfloat.sty [1997/09/21 Formatting double-page floats in LaTeX

defpattern.sty [1997/08/24, v4.1 Michael Mehlich] [CS] Used by the hyper package. Note: contrib/other/fp contains a file with the same name!

delarray.sty [tools] Adds parentheses arounds arrays (to make matrices)

deleq.sty 1997/07/07 v.4.41 Mats Dahlgren] [CS] Partial equation numbering.

diagmac.sty (209) general-purpose macros for drawing diagrams in LATEX

dialog.sty [1994/11/08 v0.9y] [CS] This file provides functions for writing messages and menus on screen, and reading user responses. It can be used with LaTeX as a documentstyle option, or in other forms of TeX by a standard \input statement.,

dialogl.sty ?? [CS] Customizations for the articles codialog.tex, dia-driv.tex, lis-driv.tex.

dialogue.sty [1999/03/01 v1.1] [CO] The \env{dialogue} environment is for citing short passages of dialogue from a script.

diamondpar.sty (209) A macro to typeset paragraphs in a diamond shape.

dichokey.sty [17 dec 1999] [CS] defines the environment Key in which dichotomous identification keys can be constructed.

dinbrief.sty use dinbrief.cls instead

dmfonts.sty [1995/03/13 Version 0.3 DM LaTeX font definitions] [CO]

doafter.sty [1996/05/08 1.2 Aftergroup hacking (PS/MDW)] [CS] Package that inserts a token after a group

doc.sty [Standard LaTeX documentation package]

docmfp.sty [2000/10/28 v1.1] [CS] Metafont/post extension to the doc package

dotlessi.sty [1999/10/12 v1.0] [CS] Dotless i/j for Math

dotlessj.sty [1998/12/09 v0.03 dotless j package (DPC)] [CS] Defines a dotless j, by putting a white box over the dot.

dotseqn.sty [1995/03/22 v1.1] [CO] The dotseqn package provides a different format for typesetting equations, one reportedly used in `old style Britsh books'~-- equations aligned on the left, with dots on the right leading to the equation number.

dpccyr.sty (209) package for wncy fonts

draftcopy.sty [2000/04/16 v2.13, Juergen Vollmer] [CS] A package that puts DRAFT (or whatever) on every page.

drama.sty [1996/05/05 v0.1] [CO] This package is \emph{unsupported} and incomplete. It seems to work for a basic production-style stage script, but no guarantees.

drftcite.sty [jan 1995, v3.5, Donald Arseneau] [CS] Print the tags instead of the numbers for \cite and \bibitem.

drftcono.sty [v1.2, oct 96, Donald Arseneau] [CS] This file is a modification of drftcite.sty Print the tags instead of the numbers for \cite.

dropping.sty [1998/06/05 v.1.0] [CO] a LaTeX Macro for Dropping the First Character(s) of a Paragraph

dsfont.sty [1995/08/01 v0.1 Double stroke roman fonts]

dtk.sty [CS] Die TeXnische Komoedie

duplicat.sty [CS] This package marks each page of the dvi file with its sequence number.

dutch.sty [babel]

dvipaste.sty something old. [CS]

dvipscol.sty [2000/08/31 v1.0] [CS]

ESIEEcv.sty [1997/12/29 v2.0a Benjamin Bayart] How to write curriculum-vitae in French.

easy.sty (1.0) , easybib.sty (0.7), easybmat.sty (0.8) , easyeqn.sty (1.5) , easymat.sty (0.3), easytable.sty (0.9), easytitle.sty (0.1), easyvector.sty (0.9) A package that allows you to do ewasily complicated things. Written by Enrico Bertolazzi (no more easytitle.sty in the version of oct97).

eclbip.sty (209) draw a bipartite graph with epic.sty

ecltree.sty (209) Tree graph macro

ecsubzcm.sty [1999/01/19] [CS]

eepic.sty [Version 1.1c Nov 25, 1988] [CO] Extension of epic.

eepicemu.sty [CO] Emulation of eepic under epic

egplot.sty [1998/07/08] [CS] The egplot package allows to encapsulate gnuplot commands in LaTeX. sources.

eiad.sty [1996/11/13 v1.0 LaTeX package eiad] [CO] The font \textsf{eiad} provides a roman and a bold version of Irish fonts for typesetting in gaelic.

elsart.sty, elsart12.sty [4 July 1995, v2.23] Style file for Elsevier.

emp.sty [ 1997/11/12 1.0] [CS] Thorsten.Ohl   Encapsulated MetaPost LaTeX Package

emulateapj.sty [version 8 Jan 1999] [CS] `emulateapj' is a LaTeX (209 or 2e) style to approximate the Astrophysical Journal (ApJ) page look.

endfloat.sty [1995/10/11, v2.4i, Jeff Goldberg et al] [CS] LaTeX style to put figures and tables at end of article

endnotes.sty [03/22/95] [CO] To turn all the footnotes in your documents into endnotes

english.sty [babel]

engord.sty [2000/05/23 v1.0 English ordinal numbers (HO)] [CS]

eng_rs.sty [CO] see r_und_s.sty

enumerate.sty [tools] Extensions of enumerate environment.

enumspec.sty (209) enumerate environment with special leading character

envbig.sty [ Bhaskar Manda, July 6, 1995] [CO] Latex option file to print addresses onto a 9.5x4.125 envelope fed through the manual paper feed on HP LaserJet 4SIMX.

envlab.sty [1997/07/16 v1.2,Boris Veytsman] [CS] This package provides a comprehensive and easily customizable system for creating mailing envelopes and labels in \LaTeXe. Includes printing barcodes and address formatting according to the US Postal Service rules.

epic.sty [Version 1.2 - Released June 1, 1986] [CO] Enhancements to Picture Environment.

epigram.sty (209) Style for epigrams.

epigraph.sty [2000/01/16 v1.4 typesetting epigraphs] [CS] The epigraph package can be used to typeset a relevant quotation or saying .

epreuve.sty like draft.sty

epsf.sty, epsfig.sty Do not use it

epstopdf.sty [2001/02/04 v1.1 Conversion with epstopdf on the fly (HO)]

eqname.sty [Gerd Neugebauer 4/92] [CO] This style option allows named equations as follows

eqnarray.sty [17 July 1997, 1.2a, Roland Winkler] [CS] The |equationarray| combines the line numbering of the |eqnarray| and the more flexible formatting features of the |array| environment. This package requires the |array| package.

eqparbox.sty [2001/04/19 v1.00] Equal-widthed parboxes (SDP)

equation.sty, equationarray.sty, equations.sty (209)

esindex.sty [1998/10/29 v1.0 Spanish indexes] [CS]

eso-pic.sty [11 July 1998 v0.5] [CS] LaTeX package which makes it easy to add some picture commands to every page

esperant.sty [babel]

estonian.sty [babel]

etex.sty [1997/08/12 v0.1 eTeX basic definition package (DPC)][CS] A basic interface to some etex primitives.

ethiop.sty [babel]

eucal.sty [ams beta]

eufrak.sty [ams beta]

euler.sty [1995/03/05, v2.5, Frank Jensen] [CS] Complete package to use Euler fonts.

eurofont.sty [1999/01/30 v1.1.3] [CS] A package for using euro symbols

euro.sty [1999/05/15 v0.2 euro (mf)] [CS]

europs.sty [1999/01/16 v1.2 Euro Currency Symbol PostScript][CS]

eurosans.sty [2000/06/15 v2.1 Support for Adobe EuroSans (WaS)]

euscript.sty [ams beta]

evntlist.sty [1997/11/07 10:44:05 2.2 Event List (Frank Bennett)] [CS} This package makes a cronological list of events.

everysel.sty [1999/06/08 v1.03 EverySelectfont Package (MS)] [CS] LaTeX package which provides hooks into selectfont.

everyshi.sty [[2001/05/15 v3.00 EveryShipout Package (MS)] [CS] LaTeX package which defines a new hook \EveryShipout

example.sty [CS] Package qui permet de créer des exemples.

exercise.sty (209) Package qui permet de faire des exercices.

exerquiz.sty [1999/05/06 v1.20 exerquiz.sty package (dps)] [CS]

expdlist.sty [22.09.1999, v2.4, Rainer H\"ulse und Wolfgang Kaspar] [CS] Extension of description (doc in german).

export.sty [2000/10/16 v1.8 Exportation of LaTeX registers (JPFD)] [CS] allows you to export or import the values of various \LaTeX\ registers like counters and lengths (rigid or rubber). This could be useful to fabricate ``composite'' documents or to pass some data from a document to another one.

exscale.sty Package that defines large math symbols

extdash.sty [1998/12/20 v1.0 Extended Dash Package (NCC)] [CS]

extramarks.sty [Oct 11, 2000 v1.99e] [CS] This gives you two additional marks. \extramarks{m1}{m2} define two extra marks for headers/footers (especially for use with fancyheadings), which can be retrieved by \firstxmark and \lastxmark resp. Usually m1 is what would appear at the top of the page, m2 at the bottom of the page. This package also provides two extra handles to the standard LaTeX marks, namely \firstleftmark and \lastrightmark

fancybox.sty [2000/09/19 1.3] [CS] boxes with frames

fancycha.sty, fancychapters.sty [1.1 1992/07/10] [CO] A macro for fancy chapter headings for use with LaTeX 2.09

fancynum.sty [2000/03/17 0.9 Fancynum package] [CS]

fancyhdr.sty [Oct 11, 2000, v2.0 Piet van Oostrum] [CS] customize the page layout of your LaTeX documents, i.e how to change page margings and sizes, headers and footers, and the proper placement of figures and tables (collectively called floats) on the page.

fancyheadings.sty old. fancyhdr.sty should be used instead.

fancyref.sty [1999/02/03 v0.9c] [CS] Fancy cross-referencing

fancyvrb.sty [Version 2.5, Denis Girou, Sebastian Rahtz] [CS] This package provides very sophisticated facilities for reading and writing verbatim \TeX{} code. Users can perform common tasks like changing font family and size, numbering lines, framing code examples, colouring text and conditionally processing text.

fenglish.sty English for french.

feynmf.sty, feynmf209.sty [v1.08, 1996/12/02 Thorsten Ohl] [CS] This is feynmf, a combined LaTeX/Metafont package for easy drawing of professional quality Feynman diagrams. feynmf lays out most diagrams satisfactorily from the structure of the graph without any need for manual intervention. Nevertheless all the power of Metafont is available for more obscure cases.

feynmp.sty, feynmp209.sty [v1.08, 1996/12/02 Thorsten Ohl] [CS] The same as feynmf for metapost.

filoaddr.sty [1997/05/20 v1.0 Frank Bennett] [CS] Filofax address pages. Is now a class.

fink.sty [2001/03/26 v1.1] [CS] Keep track of the current filename

finnish.sty [babel]

fix2col.sty [1998/08/17 v0.03 DPC] [CS] Output Routine fixes for two column mode

fixfloats.sty [CO] Modifies LaTeX's float handling mechanism so that double-column floats stay in sequence with single-column floats of the same type.

fixfoot.sty [2000/07/10 v0.1b fixed-text footnotes][CS]

fixmarks.sty [Version 1.5, Oct 11, 1994, Joe Pallas, Piet van Oostrum] [CS] Patch LaTeX's output routine to handle marks correctly with two columns.

fixmath.sty[2000/04/11 v0.9 (WaS)] [CS] fixmath: a LaTeX package to provide uppercase italic Greek letters in math and a new math alphabet \mathbold for boldface italic.

fixme.sty [2001/04/23 v1.3][CS] Insert fixme notes in your draft documents

flabels.sty [1999/05/19 v1.0 Volker B\"orchers] [CS] Macros for file/binder labels

flafter.sty [1999/01/06 v1.2e Standard LaTeX floats after reference (FMi)]

fleqn.sty Obsolete (use style ioption instead)

float.sty [2000/03/09 v1.2e Float enhancements (AL)] [CS] This style option improves the interface for defining floating objects such as figures and tables in \LaTeX{}. It adds the notion of a `float style' that governs appearance of floats.

floatfig.sty (209) Floating Figures at the Right

floatflt.sty [1997/07/16 v. 1.31] [CO] Extension of floatfig.sty.

floatnohead.sty (209) pagestyle empty on figure pages

floatpag.sty [1999/04/29] provides commands to apply different pagestyles to the full page floats.

flow.sty [1989/09/05 v2.0 Flow macro's.] [CS] Package for doing flow diagrams.

flowchart.sty (209) Package that makes beautiful images

fltpage.sty [1998/10/29 v.0.3 Floats on full page (SMU)] [CS]

flushend.sty [1997/10/01] [CS] Balanced columns on last page in twocolumn mode

fn2end.sty [1995/05/31 Convert footnotes into end notes.] [CO]

fncychap.sty [1997/04/06 v1.11 Lindgren] [CS] Provides very fancy chapters.

fncylab.sty [v0.1 2000] [CS] This package provides support for arbitrary structuring of the way label references look.

fnpara.sty [CO] A LaTeX style to typeset footnotes in run-on paragraphs.

fnpos.sty [1999/07/14 v1.0 ] [CS] packages for footnotes

foilhtml.sty [[1998/02/17 v1.2, Boris Veytsman] [CS] Sectioning Commands for FoilTeX

foils.sty Obsolete, use foils.cls instead.

font-nostalgia.sty (209) provides commands with the pre-NFSS meanings of \rm, \bf, etc.

fontenc.sty 1999/02/24 v1.9t] font encoding package

fontsmpl.sty [tools] Shows the glyphs in a font

footbib.sty [1999/05/06, v2.0.1, Eric Domenjoud] [CS] This package makes bibliographic references appear as footnotes. It defines a command \footcite which is similar to the \cite command of LaTeX but the references cited in this way are inserted at the bottom of the pages. This foot bibliography does not conflict with the standard one and both may exist simultaneously in a document. The command \cite may still be used to produce the standard bibliography.

footmisc.sty [2000/02/10 v3.3j3] [CS] a miscellany of footnote facilities

footnote.sty [1996/08/04 v3.2a,Robin Fairbairns] [CS] a hotchpotch of footnote facilites

footnote.sty [1997/01/28 1.13 Save footnotes around boxes] [CS]

footnpag.sty [ 2.6 1995/11/10 schrod] [CS] This package is appropriate for numbering footnotes separately on each page. It may be used with all standard document classes (and I assume with all other well written ones). `Numbering' here does not only mean supplying Arabic numbers, if your class or another package sets up appropriate symbols, they are used instead.

format.sty (209) style option which allows the printing of floating point numbers in fixed format.

formlett.sty MAKE FORM LETTER for multiple receivers

formula.sty [1997] [CO] Formula is inteded to be helpful when using symbols inside and outside math-mode.

formular.sty [2001/04/05v1.0] This package provides some commands useful for typesetting fields in formulars

fp-addons.sty, fp-basic.sty, fp-eqn.sty, fp-eval.sty, fp-exp.sty, fp-pas.sty, fp-random.sty, fp-snap.sty, fp-trigo.sty, fp-upn.sty, fp.sty [Fixed Point Package] [CO] Package for doing floating point computations.

fraktur.sty [CO] Obsolete. Use yfonts.sty instead.

francais.sty [babel]

frapalike.sty Modifs of apalike for french

frbib.sty Package de francisation de certains styles bibliographiques.

french.sty the french style

ftcap.sty [1999/10/16 ..captionskip richtig setzen]

ftn.sty (209) footnotes inside tabular/array environments

ftnright.sty [tools] footnote layout package

fullname.sty full names in bibliography

fullpage.sty (209) uses very small margins

fullpict.sty [CS] (April 2001) (??)

fwlw.sty [CO] Modifications to LaTeX output mechanism to determine the first and last words on the current page, plus the first word on the *next* page. These can be used in head-lines or foot-lines. The `words' you see may not be real words, but any unbreakable object.

galois.sty [1999/05/01 1.04] [CS] Galois connections

g-brief.sty Obsolete, use g-brief.cls instead.

galician.sty [babel]

garamond.sty [psnfss] Garamond font

gb4e.sty [CS] Version 4export (= v. 4 minus the compatibility code) Based on hpk's gb.sty, revised for GM syllabus by ct, and incorporating macros adapted from J.Frampton, M. de Groot en M. Covington.

gdgspace.sty [may94] [CO] This is a very quick hack to get setspace.sty to work with LaTeX2e

geometry.sty [2000/06/28 v2.3 Page Geometry, Hideo Umeki] [CS] Package for specifying the geometry of the page.

germanb.sty [babel]

gillsans.sty Package for PostScript GillSans font

glava.sty [01/06/95] [CO] This package makes table of contents suitable for documents where chapters have no names (such as in most Russian books). By Victor Boyko

gloss.sty [1999/10/10 v1.4] [CS] Gloss package

gn-logic14.sty [CO] Logic Formula Environments and Macros. Version 1.4 gene 5/95

grabhedr.sty [1994/11/08, 0,9j, Michael Downes] [CS] This file defines a function \inputfwh to be used instead of \input, to allow TeX to grab information from standardized file headers in the form proposed by Nelson Beebe during his term as president of the TeX Users Group. Of which all this here is an example.

graphics.sty, graphicx.sty [required/graphics]

graphfig.sty [1997/15/12 v2.0 F. Bosisio] [CS] A package for including graphic files, using the graphics package.

graphpap.sty [1994/08/09 v1.0c Standard LaTeX graphpap package (LL)]

greek.sty [babel]

greekctr.sty [1999/02/14 v3.0 Greek Counterstyle (jk)] [CS] Provides \greek and \Greek for counters just like \alph. No switch to math mode is needed. \varepsilon, \vartheta and \varphi are preferred, but \pi and \sigma.

grfpaste.sty [1997/07/18 v0.2 (DPC)] [CS] LaTeX support for TeXplorators / M. Spivak dvipaste program. Needs the dvipaste binary.

grnumalt.sty [1997/09/19 v1.1] [CO] The macro transforms an Arabic numeral, i.e., the kind of numerals we all use (e.g., 1, 5, 789 etc), to the corresponding Athenian numeral. Athenian numerals were in use only in ancient Athens.

hackalloc.sty (209)

hangcaption.sty (209)

hanging.sty [2001/03/15 v1.2 hanging paragraphs and punctuation] [CS]

harpoon.sty [1994/11/02, v1.0 Tobias Kuipers] [CS] Harpoon drawing package.

harv209.sty (old)

harvard.sty [1994, 2.0.5,Peter Williams] [CS] This style is primarily intended for use with the \BibTeX\ bibliographic database management system. However, provision is also made for hand coding of bibliographies.

helvet.sty [psnfss] Helvetica font

here.sty (209) A LaTeX style option giving floats a [H] option

hex.sty (209) gives then the value of a counter in hexadecimal

hhcount.sty [1995/03/31 Fancy counters, 1.03, Herman Haverkort] [CS] \hhcount provides some macros to display numbers in various ways. For example: numbers could be formatted as roman numbers, dice or scores. Some of the display macros act context dependent: in headings they yield other results than in the midst of a paragraph or in an index. On top of these `simple' formatting macros, \hhcount provides macros which combine several `simple' formatting macros to format the values of composite counters. Besides \hhcount offers the possibility to have composite counters of arbitrary structure appear in the index.

hhflxbox.sty [1995/04/18 Scalable frames, 2.11, Herman Haverkort] [CS] \hhflxbox contains a number of boxing macros. The kernel consists of iframe, which boxes things and sets self-scaling frames around, and sframe, which sets more complex self-scaling and -stretching frames. Besides \hhflxbox provides the encircling macros ringbox, bellybox and outringbox (which use iframe), the macros sepbox and separbox, which set empty space around boxes, and broadbox, which boxes its argument in a vbox of which the width is the line width minus some specified value. Thus broadbox facilitates the construction of frames which stretch to line width.

hhline.sty [tools] Table rule package

hhmuf.sty [1995/05/13 Multinote system, 1.11,Herman Haverkort ] [CS] The \hhmuf package contains the multinote system , which provides an alternative to the usual dull footnote system. It is not meant to be used by conservatives! \hhmuf's multinotes can be used in forbidden modes and can be repeated easily. When repeating qmultinotes, the \hhmuf macros make sure the same marker is used throughout, while preventing repeated notes from being typeset twice on the same page. \hhmuf's multinotes do not use counters, numbers or alphabetic characters to represent them: they use sets of symbols without a well-defined order.

hhparmrk.sty [1995/04/11 Parallel marks, 2.11, Herman Haverkort] [CS] \hhparmrk contains macros to mark paragraphs by putting signs next to them. The signs can be mathematical delimiter symbols, or three-part signs built of boxes. These two families of signs can be produced by the environments bracespanned and markspanned. Besides the environments trafficsigned and optionframe are presented.

hhqueue.sty (1.01), hhunits.sty (1.02), hhutils0.sty [CS] Utilities for other hh*** files by Herman Haverkort.

hilowres.sty [1999/01/07 v1.0 Include optional low resolution images]

histogr.sty [1997/02/13 v1.01 Histogram (RmS)] [CS] Enhancement of the LaTeX picture --environment to draw histogram bars.

hlist.sty [1997/11/07 2.2 HTML Event List (Frank Bennett)]

hml.sty [1997/11/06 HTML calendar (Frank Bennett)]

hmonth.sty [1998/01/17 HTML calendar (Frank Bennett)]

holtpolt.sty [J"org Knappen] [CS] Maxwell's non-commutative division

hpplotsz.sty [1997/11/07 Custom page sizes with HP 6xx series plotters (Frank Bennett)]

html.sty Package used by latex2html

htmllist.sty defines a html list

hvmaths.sty [2000/01/06 v1.2 (WaS/MicroPress)] [CS]

hxt-bc.sty [1997/03/01, v2.0 Michael Mehlich] [CS] Back-cite extension for hyperlatex.

hypbmsec.sty [2000/03/22 v2.1] [CS] Bookmarks in sectioning commands (HO).

hypcat.sty [2000/08/12 v1.1 Adjusting anchors of captions (HO)]

hyper.sty [1999/03/09, v4.2d Michael Mehlich] [CS] This package provides the generation of hyper text documents based on the already given structure of LaTeXe-documents without the document writer having to consider new commands.

hyparen.sty [1998/11/27 v2.0] Fix for writing unmatched parentheses (HO)]

hypernat [2001/01/22 v1.0a] hyperref and natbib compatibility (jb)

hyperref.sty [2000/11/05 v6.71a Sebastian Rahtz] [CS] Hypertext links for LaTeX. It aims to extend the functionality of all the LaTeX cross-referencing commands (including the table of contents) to produce |\special| commands; it provides general hypertext links, including those to external documents.

hyphenat.sty [2001/01/02 v2.3a hyphenation utilities] [CS]

ieeepes.sty [1999/06/01 v4.0.1 Volker Kuhlmann] [CS] Sets up the document layout for IEEE PES (Power Engineering Society) publications. Load as a package together with the article document class.

ifaccong.sty (old ?)

ifmslide.sty [2000/07/06 v0.43 slides for printout AND screen (Thomas Emmel)]

ifmtarg.sty [2000/03/24 v1.2 check for an empty argument] [CS]

ifthen.sty [1999/01/07 v1.1a Standard LaTeX ifthen package (DPC)]

ilineno.sty [1999/06/11 OBSOLETE]

imac.sty [Version 1.0.1, 5/18/99] [CO] This is imac.sty for producing IMAC-format (International Modal Analysis Conference)

import.sty Ver 3.0 17-Dec-1997 Donald Arseneau

includex.sty [CO] Extension of include.

indent.sty (209) Environments for Indented Text

indentfirst.sty [tools] Indents first paragraph.

index.sty [1995/09/28 v4.1beta Improved index support (dmj)] This is a reimplementation of LaTeX's indexing macros to provide better support for indexing in LaTeX.

indxcite.sty [1996/11/22, v1.1, James Ashton] [CS] The package allows author index entries to be generated automatically each time a citation is made. Every author (or editor if there are no authors) of a cited work will appear in an index giving the page numbers where the work is cited.

inputenc.sty [1999/09/17 v0.992 Input encoding file ]

inputfile.sty (209)

intlim.sty (old ams file)

ipa.sty [1994/07/16 IPA macros package] [CO] international phonetic alphabet

irish.sty [babel]

irv1.sty [1996/05/31 STEP IR package] [CS] Part of iso 10303

irv12.sty [2000/01/12 v1.2.1 STEP IR package]

isodate.sty [2000/08/21, v2.00] [CS]

isodateo.sty [2000/08/08, v1.06] [CS]

iso10.sty, iso11.sty, iso9.sty For iso.

isonev1.sty [1996/03/29 v1.0 LaTeX 2.09 ISO document style]

isrotv1.sty [1995/05/31 v1.0 rotation package]

isoror.sty [2000/02/15 v2.1 ISO rotation package]

isotoday.sty [date ?]

isrotne1.sty [1995/05/31 v1.0 LaTeX 2.09 rotation package]

isucaption.sty (209) Macro pour formatter des légendes.

italian.sty [babel]

itemrule.sty [itemrule.sty,v 1.1 1998/03/20 11:51:38] [CS] Draw a rule in the margin of an itemize (obsolete ???)

journal.sty Obsolete (class)

jurabib.sty [2000/10/08 v0.5d Extended citations] [CS]

kalender.sty [CO] German calendar

keyboard.sty changes keyborad encoding

keystroke.sty [2000/10/29 v1.2 3D keystrokes (SuSE GmbH/RN)] [CS]

keyval.sty [required/graphics]

keyvald.sty [CS] Modification to keyval

keywords.sty [1993,1994,1995] [CS] Defines lots of keywords

kix.sty [CO] Implements KIX codes as used by the Dutch PTT for bulk mail addressing

kluedit.sty [1998/02/19] [CS] This internal stylefile defines most of the special kluwer commands. amongst these: the |article| environment, the different pagestyles, all of the editor and auxiliary document info commands, and the commands to read in |kapjrnls.kap|.

klufloa.sty [1998/02/19] [CS] This stylefile is to be used by Kluwer Academic Publishers in the contruction of full class files. Therefore, the user interface is not very high-level, and is definately not meant for normal usage.

klulist.sty [1998/02/19] [CS] This internal stylefile takes care of list definitions and `general' environments. There is one option: |kaplist|.

klumac.sty [1998/02/19] [CS] This internal stylefile defines some handy macros and exports the special \AmSTeX\ fonts if available.

klumath.sty [1998/02/19] [CS] The math environments |varequation| and |subequation|, and the |mathsec| and |mathchap| options have been moved here. These are intended for large articles or books.

klunote.sty [1998/02/19] [CS] This internal stylefile takes care of footnotes, endnotes and marginpars.

kluopen.sty [1998/02/11] [CS] This internal stylefile defines most of the special kluwer opening commands.

klups.sty [1998/02/20] [CS] Kluwer PSfonts package

kluref.sty [1998/02/19] [CS] This internal stylefile provides commands for references. Options are |openbib|, |numreferences| and |namedreferences|. This documentation is compiled on |kluwer.cls| to give some examples.

klusec.sty [1998/02/19] [CS] This internal stylefile defines all sectioning commands used by all kluwer style files. In order to facilitate usage by different stylefiles, most command herein are parameterised.

klutab.sty [1998/02/19] [CS] All of this is quite simple code. What happens is that some extra lines for use in tabulars are defined and included in the original definition of |tabular| and |tabular*|. These have a bit of extra vertical space which breaks the use of vertical rules in tabular's, which is why the old definitions are saved as |TABULAR| and |TABULAR*|.

koi8.sty [96/09/21, v1.1, Uri Blumenthal] [CS] It performs internal translation from the KOI-8 encoding (de-facto standard of the UNIX world) to the so called ``alternative encoding'' used by most Cyrillic packages.

kuvio.sty Un style pour faire des diagrammes.

la.sty [1996/07/18 1.2] [CO] package for using the la (calligraphic) font.

labels.sty [1998/01/24, v.11, Sebastian Rahtz] [CS] A \LaTeX\ style to print a regular grid of ragged-right labels on a page, suitable for sheets of labels which can be fed through a laser printer. Macros are provided to allow easy input of names and addresses in a form free of \TeX\ markup. Equally useful is a feature for making multiple copies of a single label, e.g., return address stickers to go with the labels.

lambda.sty T [CO] This style provides a pile of lambda-calculus and list-handling macros of an incredibly obtuse nature.

lamsarrow.sty [24 Jan 1997 v4.1] [CS] fancy arrows using lams fonts

lastpage.sty [1994/06/25, v0.1b, Jeff Goldberg] [CS] Allow for things like |page \thepage\ of \pageref{LastPage}| to get `page 5 of 23'

latexsym.sty [1998/08/17 v2.2e Standard LaTeX package (lasy symbols)]

layout.sty [tools]

layouts.sty [1999/03/06 v2.3b graphical depiction of document elements]

lcaption.sty (209)

leftidx.sty [08 Oct 1999 1.02] [CO] This package enables left subscripts and superscripts in math mode.

leqno.sty obsolete (style option)

letter.sty Obsolete (class)

letterspace.sty (209) Rajoute de l'espace entre les lettres

lettrine.sty [1999/08/18 v1.1 (D. Flipo)] [CS] Package for lettrines (dropped capitals).

levy.sty [1995/04/20 v1.0a] [CS] Package for writing greek texts

lexitex.sty, lexitexm.sty Old. Use camel instead.

lexikon.sty [1999/05/13 v0.1c LaTeX2e lexikon package] [CO]

lfp.sty [CO] fp for latex209

lgreek.sty [CO] Package for writing in greek

lgrind.sty to be used with lgrind.

lh.sty [CS] for using lh fonts

lhelp.sty [2000/06/06 v2.0 collection of little helpers (VK)][CS]

lineno.sty [3.4 2000/12/17, Stephan I. B\"ottcher] [CS] This package provides line numbers on paragraphs. After \TeX\ has broken a paragraph into lines there will be line numbers attached to them, with the possibility to make references through the LaTeX \ref, \pageref cross reference mechanism.

linguex.sty [99/09/27, v3.1, Wolfgang Sternefeld] [CS] This is a tool written for lazy linguists.

linguho.sty [979/05/04, v2.0, Wolfgang Sternefeld] [CS] Complement to linguex.sty

lips.sty [1999/02/28 v2] [CS] The \lips command generates text ellipses that are closer to what the Chicago manual of style suggests than what \dots produces.

listing.sty [1999/05/25 v1.2] [CO] LaTeX package for typesetting listings.

listbib.sty[2000/08/28 v2.2 list contents of bibtex files (VK)][CS]

listings.sty lstlang1.sty lstlang2.sty lstmisc.sty lstpatch.sty A package for doing listings. version : [2000/08/23 v0.21 (Carsten Heinz)]

listliketab.sty [2000/09/08 v1.00 List-like Tabulars Package (SDP)]

listoftheorem.sty (209)

localloc.sty [1995/09/24 v1.1b Bernd Raichle] [CS] Additional LaTeX Kernel Macros (local allocation)

logsys.sty [2000/10/24 version 1.0] [CS]

longtable.sty [tools] Cf 5.4.2 in the latex companion

losymbol.sty (209) creates a list of symbols

loval.sty (209) defines a box with round corners

lscape.sty [required/graphics]

lslide.sty (209) old style for slides

lsorbian.sty [babel]

ltablex.sty [v1.0, November 1995, Anil K. Goel] [CS] The file modifies the tabularx environment to combine the features of the tabularx package (auto-sized columns in a fixed width table) with those of the longtable package (multi-page tables).

ltugboat.sty obsolete (class)

ltugcomn.sty [1997/05/31 v1.4i] TUGboat `common macros' package

ltugproc.sty obsolete (class)

ltxtable.sty [1995/12/11 v0.2 longtable/tabularx merge (DPC)]

lucbmath.sty [psnfss] Lucida New Math + Lucida Expert

lucbr.sty Idem

lucid.sty [psnfss] Adobe Lucida

lucidbrb.sty [psnfss] Lucida Bright (Compatibility, KB Names)

lucidbry.sty [psnfss] Lucida Bright (Compatibility, Y&Y Names)

lucmath.sty [psnfss] Adobe Lucida Math

lucmin.sty [psnfss] Lucida New Math + Lucida Expert + Minion

lucmtime.sty [psnfss] Lucida New Math + Lucida Expert + Monotype Times

lucold.sty [1.1 1999/05/25]

luctimes.sty Adobe Times fonts with Lucida New Math (disparu)

magaz.sty [1999/02/16 v0.1] Special formatting for first line of text in a paragraph

magyar.sty [babel]

mailing.sty [1999/03/03 v1.0b, Johannes Braams] [CS] Send letters to multiple addresses

makecmds.sty [2000/05/27 v1.0 extra command making commands] [CS]

makeglos.sty [2000/02/24 v0.1 Glossary package] [CS]

makeidx.sty Package for making an index

makendx.sty [1996/05/16 v1.0] [CS] nameindex entries

manual.sty (old)

manfnt.sty [1999/07/01 v0.2] [CS] manfnt fonts

manyfoot.sty [1998/12/19 v1.4 Many Footnote Levels Package (NCC)] [CS]

mapcodes.sty [07 Apr 95, v1.04, Michael Piotrowski] [CS] The mapcodes package allows you to use 8-bit input files in a variety of encodings, like ISO 8859-1 or the IBM codepage 850. It can be used with both T1 and OT1 fonts and language-specific extension packages.

maple2e.sty, mapleenv.sty, maplems.sty Style pour maple.

margbib.sty [1997/11/10 1.0b Bib-Items into the margins]

marginal.sty [1997/04/01] Enlarge free and show lost marginal inserts

marginote.sty (209) notes in the margin

margins.sty [1997/11/07 Simple margin control (Frank Bennett)]

mathbbol.sty [1995/01/01, J"org Knappen] [CS] The mathbbol package exploits the bbold-fonts and the cspex-fonts designed by Alan Jeffrey. Many people prefer these fonts over the AMS \mathbb, because the symbols for the real numbers, complex numbers, etc. look just right. But the Jeffrey fonts contain more: blackbord bold digits, lower case, greek and even punctuation.

mathcmd.sty [1997/12/13 v2.0 F. Bosisio] [CS] Provides useful math commands which are simplier than the standard ones.

mathcomp.sty [1998/08/27, v0.1e] [CS] A package for using certain characters for the TC fonts in math mode.

mathenv.sty [1998/02/04 v2.2 F. Bosisio] [CS] Provides useful math environments and commands.

mathenv.sty [1998/04/28 1.9 Various maths environments] [CS] mdwtab package -- another rewrite of the tabular environment, etc. Copyright (c) 1996 Mark Wooding

mathptm.sty [psnfss] Times + math package from fontinst

mathrsfs.sty [1996/01/01 Math RSFS package v1.0 (jk)] [CS] Physicists don't like the appearance of the standard calligraphic fonts when speaking about Lagrangian density, Hamiltonian density, or the measure in the path integral. Fortunately, the Ralph Smith Formal Script (rsfs) fonts provide the desired shapes. The mathrsfs package makes them accesible via the command \mathscr{ABC}.

mathtext.sty [1999/01/28 v1.0 transparent text-and-math defs]

mcgillletter.sty Style de lettres avec fontes mcgill (old)

mcgillmemo.sty Style de mémo avec fontes mcgill (old)

mcite.sty [1996/01/01 v0.04 Thorsten.Ohl] [CS] This LaTeXe package provides support for collapsing multiple citations into one, as custumoary in physics journals.

mdwfonts.sty [1997/01/11] Font for mdw*

mdwlist.sty [1996/05/02 1.1 Various list-related things] [CS] mdwlist package -- various list-related things Copyright (c) 1996 Mark Wooding

mdwmath.sty [1996/04/11 1.1 Nice mathematical things] [CS]

mdwtab.sty [1998/04/28 1.9 Table typesetting with style] [CS]

menus.sty [1994/11/08, 0.9x, Michael Downes] [CS] This file provides functions for writing messages and menus on screen, and reading user responses.

method.sty [1999/03/25 v2.0b] [CS] LaTeX-package for method- and data-descriptions (TL)

mff.sty 1.21 [June 1996].

mflogo.sty [1999/03/10 v2.0] Defines metafont and metapost logo

mhequ.sty [v1.5,] [CS]

mhs.sty [CO] Mathematic Historic Style

midfloat.sty [1997/10/01] Insert some material in full-width on double-column page.

midpage.sty [2000/02/20 v1.1 vertical centering] [CS]

minitoc.sty [2000/12/13 v34] [CS] redefines the \chapter command to display a mini-table-of-contents at the beginning of every chapter.

minitoc-hyper.sty [1999/05/17 v28href] Jean-Pierre Drucbert (patch for mintoc & hyperref)

minitoc_href.sty (old)

minutes.sty [V1.6 2001/01/20] provides the creation of a collection of minutes.

misccorr.sty This package should be used IN ADDITION to BABEL's `russian' option.

mitpress.sty [CO] style for MIT Press format.

mlbib.sty [1996/10/30, v1.0, Wenzel Matiaske] [CS] multilingual biblio.

mlineno.sty [1999/06/11 OBSOLETE]

mltex.sty [1999/08/03 v0.9c MLTeX/LaTeX package (br)]

moredefs.sty [1999/02/24 v1.6] [CS] A delightful collection of defining, expansion, and debugging commands that make elegant programming in latex fun and easy.

morefloats.sty (209) allows more floats

morehelp.sty [1997/02/18 More Help Package V0.1] [CS]

moresize.sty v1.8 [1999/07/26 v1.9] [CO] defines HUGE, ssmall etc

moreverb.sty [1997/12/07 v2.2d.2] [CS] Extension of the verbatim package.

mparhack.sty [2000/09/01 v1.2b (T. Sgouros and S. Ulrich)] [CS]

mpfnmark.sty [1996/11/27 v1.0 W. Kowarschick LaTeX package] [CO] Footnote in minipage

mscs.sty (old)

mslapa.sty [ 5/1/95 ] [CS] Style file for using mslapa.bst

mtcoff.sty [2000/12/13 v34] [CS] disables user commands of minitoc.sty

mtgreek.sty [1999/07/29 v0.01 upright and italic Greek letters with MathTime]

mtimes.sty Package pour utiliser la fonte PostScript Monotype Times

multfoot.sty [6 Dec 1996] [CO] multiple footnotes.

multibbl.sty [2001/03/24 v1.0] one can generate multiply reference sections.

multibib.sty [2000/01/14 v1.1 Multiple bibliographies for one document.]

multibox.sty (209) Extension de picture

multicol.sty [tools] Extension of twocolumns (au plus 10)

multicolpar.sty (209) Defines the command nextmulticolumnparallelparagraph

multido.sty Définit une macro multido, pour faire des boucles

multienum.sty [oct 97] [CS] The multienum.sty package allows the user to produce an enumerated array of multiple columns, each vertically aligned on the counter.

multind.sty (209) Permet de faire des index multiples

multiply.sty [CS] [1998/10/14 v1.1 Multiplication of lengths without overflow]

multirow.sty [V1.5 (16-July-1999)] [CS] Cf latex companion 5.6.4

multitoc.sty [1999/06/08 v2.01 MultiToc Package (MS)][CS]

mwrite.sty [1999/07/01 v2.2] [CS] a mechanism to write to arbitrarily many files

my-title.sty [1997/03/08] [CS] Title page for a thesis

mybrief.sty Obsolete.

n-thb.sty, n-thbno.sty, n-thc.sty, n-thcb.sty, n-thcbno.sty n-thcno.sty, n-thm.sty, n-thmb.stym, n-thmbno.sty, n-thmno.sty, n-thp.sty, n-thpno.sty [CO] Parties de newthm

named.sty style file for pour named.bst

nameref.sty [2000/05/08, v2.18, Sebastian Rahtz] [CS] Cross-referencing to include the \emph{name} of the section, rather than just the number or page. This works by redefining some of the inside LaTeX macros, so it is vulnerable to future changes.

nassi.sty [1992/08/01 v5.0 Nassi-Scheiderman macro's.] [CS]

natbib.sty [2000/07/24 7.0a (PWD)] [CS] This package reimplements the LaTeX \cite command to be used for various citation styles, both author-year and numerical. It accepts BibTeX output intended for many other packages, and therefore acts as a general, all-purpose citation-style interface.

natsci.sty (209)

nccfoots.sty [1998/12/18 v1.0 NCC Footnotes Package (NCC)] [CS]

needspace.sty [2000/03/19 v1.1 reserve vertical space] [CS]

nestquote.sty [1999/12/10 V 0.1 Nested Quotes](lost)

newalg.sty [1994/12/15 Format code algorithms nicely] [CS] package for writing algorithms

newapa.sty Pour utiliser newapa.bst

newart.sty ??

newcent.sty Package the NewCenturySchoolbook font

newequation.sty (209) Defines newequation

newlfont.sty Fonts nfss1

newproof.sty [?] [CS] defines a proof environment.

newthm.sty Modification of theorem style

newvbtm.sty [1999/08/11 v1.0 ] new verbatim macros

newwart.sty Modification of wart.sty

nextpage.sty [2000/02/20 v1.1 additional page commands] [CS]

nicefrac.sty [1998/08/04 v0.9b Nice fractions] [CS]

nicefram.sty, niceframe.sty [1996/10/20 v1.1b] [CS] This article describes a new style option that can be used with the document styles that are distributed with the \LaTeX\ distributions. It defines new commands to frame material with decorative frames, using \textbf{dingbat} fonts.

nimbus.sty Package PostScript Nimbus font

nnfootnote.sty (209) no number footnote

nohyperref.sty [2000/11/05 v6.71a Dummy hyperref (SR)] [CS]

noitemsep.sty Elimination of space between items in then environnments \itemize, \enumerate and \description.

nomencl.sty [2000/12/03 v3.1a Nomenclature package (BS)] [CS] Formats glossary entries to show, e. g. nomenclature of equations.

nonfloat.sty [1999/07/05 v1.00] [CS] Nicht-gleitende Tabellen und Bilder

nopageno.sty [1989/01/01 no page numbers (DPC)] [CS] Another 4 token package. No page numbers in LaTeX documents.

nopagenumbers.sty (209)

norsk.sty [babel]

nosecnumbers.sty (209) Suppresses section numbers in \sections

notoccite.sty [CO] no t.o.c. cite Jul 20, 2000

noweb.sty Style pour ceux qui font du NOWEB

npsfont.sty [1991/11/20 v1.0] [CO] OLD!

nrc1.sty, nrc2.sty ???

ntabbing.sty [2000/03/20 v2.0 tabbing enhancements] [CO]

ntheorem.sty [1999/12/26 v1.18] [CS] ntheorem.sty is a package for handling theorem-like environments. Aditionally to several features for defining the layout of theorem-like environments which can be regarded to be standard requirements for a theorem-package, it provides solutions for two related problems: placement of endmarks and generation of lists of theorem-like environments.

ntheorem-hyper.sty [1998/12/03 v1.14] patch for hyperref

numdef.sty (209) allows numbers at the end of the command name

numinsec.sty [CO] Package qui raze les compteurs en début de section.

numline.sty [06 Aug 1995 v1.3] [CS] LaTeX style file for putting line numbers on margins of at least some documents which will survive such treatment. It works modifying LaTeX output routine, so do not expect that this will work on anything but simple text! If it does then you are very lucky person.

numprint.sty [2001/03/06 v0.04] Print numbers

numquote.sty [1999/06/11 OBSOLETE]

obox.sty [CS] Redéfinition de oval.

ogonek.sty [95/07/17 v0.51] [CO] Definition of ogonek accent. Is now obsolete.

olabels.sty [1995/06/22, v10, Sebastian Rahtz] [CS] Like labels.sty, for obsolete versions of latex.

oldgerm.sty [1998/06/07 v2.1j] [CS] LaTeX2e package for Old German fonts

oldlfont.sty Fontes 209 in 2e

oldstyle.sty [1995/05/04 v0.1 Oldstyle numerals font definitions] [CO] For using oldstyle numerals

onepagem.sty [28 Mar 1996 v1.01] [CS] If the document has only one page, omit page number.

openbib.sty (standard latex) Ne fait rien

optima.sty Package for the PostScript Optima font.

optional.sty [1999/06/18 ver 2.01 Optional inclusion/omission][CO]

othello.sty Othello package written by Michiel le Comte [CS]

oubraces.sty [1993] [CO] Interleave \overbrace with \underbrace

outline.sty [1997/08/26 v1.1] [CO] This package provides means to use suich outlined fonts in \LaTeXe.

outliner.sty [CS] Outline macros for LaTeX, version 0.9, May 1999

ovalfbox.sty (209) frame box ovale

overcite.sty [april 99, v3.8, Donald Arseneau] [CS] Compressed, sorted lists of superscript numerical citations: "word [12,16,11,13,14,15]." --> "word.$^{11-16}$"

overhead.sty [version 3.1 13 November, 1999] [CS] See songbook.

overword.sty [1998/01/17 Frank Bennett] [CS] A package that loops over all words in a document.

overpic.sty [1999/07/04 v0.52] [CS] Overwriting eps pictures

oz.sty [1999/05/24 2.46][CS] Style for Object Z

pagefoots.sty (209)

pagepc.sty [1995/05/13] [CS] This is page-per-chapter-package

pageno.sty [1996/11/01 v1.2] [CS] pagenumbers package (RJMM, after AS)

pagesel.sty [1999/04/13 v1.1 Selecting shipout output pages (HO)][CS]

palatino.sty Package for PostScript Palatino font

palette.sty Part of PSTricks

pandora.sty [1997/12/18 v2.1g] Standard LaTeX2e package (Pandora fonts)

pap.sty ??

paper.sty obsolete

paralist.sty [2001/03/03 v2.0a] [CS] This style file provides some new list environments.

parallel.sty [1997/11/10 2.0 beta] [CS] provides a small tool to typeset in two columns or on two pages parallel, e.g. if you want to set two languages besides.

parskip.sty [1999/11/16 non-zero parskip adjustments][CO]

patchcmd.sty [2000/07/31 v1.03][CS] Provides a way to add material at beginning or end of a macro's existing definition.

path.sty [22 July 1997 3.03b] [CO] This file defines a macro, \path|...|, similar to LaTeX's \verb|...| macro, that sets the text in the typewriter font, allowing hyphen-less line breaks at punctuation characters.

pawpict.sty ???

pb-diagram.sty [24 Jan 1997 v4.1] Paul Burchard diagram package

pb-lams.sty [24 Jan 1997 v4.1] [CS] This code adds to the "diagram" environment the use of fancy arrow heads and tails, as well as additional arrow directions.

pcode.pl.sty [1996/05/30 v3.0] [CO] For documenting prolog.

pcode.sty, pcode24.sty [CO] Pour faire du prolog.

pdfcolmk.sty [2000/09/06 v0.5 PDFtex COLor MarK (HO)] [CS]

pdflscape.sty [2001/02/04 v0.2 Landscape pages in PDF (HO)]

pdfscreen.sty [1999/10/14 v1.0 screen PDF design (CVR)] [CS]

pdfslide.sty [1999/10/10 v0.50 slides with PDF (CVR)] [CS]

permute.sty [1999/11/10 v0.12 (aeio)(cdt)(knm)] [CS] The package ``covers'' the symmetric groups $S_1,\ldots,S_9$, but is not limited to these cases

pfnote.sty [1999/07/14 v1.0 ] [CS] packages for footnotes

photo.sty [1999/07/27 v2.1d Placing photos in documents (VK)][CS]

picinpar.sty (209) Macros pour faire des fenêtres dans latex

pict2e.styThe package pict2e.sty has not yet been written

pictex2.sty [may 1999] [CS] extension to PiCTeX

pifont.sty Package the PostScript font pzd

pl.sty [CS] Pour faire du prolog.

play.sty [1999/03/26 A LaTeX package for typesetting plays][CS] This is a small package for typesetting plays. It provides two new environments: play and verseplay.

placeins.sty [v1.0 dec 95] [CO] keeps floats `in their place', preventing them from floating past a "\FloatBarrier" command into another section.

plain.sty [1996/04/22 Plain TeX emulation (DPC)] [CS] Defines a new environment plain, in which plain TeX files should be LaTeX'able. Re-enables some plain commands, fakes some other plain commands, etc.

pmat.sty [1996/01/01 v0.1] [CS] Partitioned matrix code.

pmfrench.sty Français pour le pauvre

pmgraph.sty [1996] [CS] intermediate version of poor-man-graphics style

polish.sty [babel]

polyglot [September 1, 1997 v1.1] [CS] Alternative to babel.

polynom.sty [2001/04/11 0.12 (Carsten Heinz)]

portuges.sty [babel]

prelim2e.sty[1999/06/08 v1.22 prelim2e Package (MS)] [CS] LaTeX package which allows the marking of preliminary versions of a document

PPRalienglow.sty [2000/10/18][CS] `Alien glow' style for prosper

PPRautumn.sty [2000/11/24][CS] autumn style for Prosper

PPRazure.sty [2000/04/18][CS] Azure style for Prosper

PPRcontemporain.sty [2000/04/18][CS] `Contemporain' style for prosper

PPRdarkblue.sty [2000/10/18][CS] `Dark blue background' style for prosper

PPRframes.sty [2000/04/18][CS] `Frames' style for prosper

PPRlignesbleues.sty [2000/04/18] `Lignes bleues' style for prosper

PPRnuancegris.sty [2000/04/18][CS] `Nuances de gris' style for prosper

PPRtroispoints.sty [2000/04/17][CS] `Trois points' style for Prosper

prettyref.sty [1998/07/09 v3.0] [CS] Pretty references.

printtim.sty \PrintTime imprime l'heure

proc.sty Obsolète

proc209.sty, proc2e.sty, ptexproc.sty [CO] This is a file of macros and definitions for creating a chapter for publication in the SIAM Proceedings series using LaTeX. (versions for latex209, latex2e and plain tex).

program.sty [3.3.8] [CS] For typesetting programs.

programs.sty [?? Miguel Alabau, 1995] [CS] For typesetting programs.

proof.sty [version 3.0 Mar 6, 1997 ] [CO] This is for writing proofs

psboxit.sty (209)

psfont.sty [1996/06/30, v1.1, Sebastian Kirsch] [CS] psfont.dtx is intended as a replacement for psfonts.dtx of psnfss. It uses one file for redefining the all default fonts instead of one file for each font. It also contains all parts of psfonts.dtx which are not covered by this general concept, ie. the pifonts, mathptm and two .fd-files for Adobe Symbol and Adobe Zapf Dingbats. This file is specific to PostScript fonts. The package works with a style file psfont.sty and a configuration file psfont.cfg.

psfrag.sty [1998/04/11 v3.04 PSfrag (MCG)] [CS] Part of PSfrag

pslatex.sty [1996/07/24 v1.2 pslatex emulation (DPC)] [CS]

pspic.sty (old)

pspicture.sty [1999/04/11/ v2.02 Picture mode via PS specials (DPC)] [CS] pspicture is a re-implementation, and extension of, \LaTeX's picture environment, using PostScript |\special|'s.

pst-coil.sty, pst-node.sty, pst-plot.sty, pst-user.sty, pst2eps.sty Partie de PSTricks.

pstcol.sty Couleurs dans PSTricks

pstricks.sty PSTricks

punk.sty Permet d'utiliser la fonte punk.

pvscript.sty [1996/07/18 v1.2] [CO] For using the pvscript font.

qm.sty (209) Commands for Bras, Kets, and the like.

qsymbols.sty [1.12 Date: 1997/01/07 23:56:44 ] [CS] `Quoted math symbol abbreviations' package for LaTeX2e.

quotchap.sty [1998/02/09 v0.9f] [CS] Decorative Chapter Headings with Quotes]

quote.sty (209) Gestion des " en anglais.

quotes.sty [1997/12/20 v2.0 F. Bosisio] [CS] Commands to use double quotes

r_und_s.sty [CS] This packet provides LaTeX- resp. TeX-Commands, which will expand numeric R- and S- codes to a full text form. This is usable for creating safety data sheets and lab protocols.

ragged.sty raggedright + césures

raggedr.sty [1999/11/11 ][CO] Set a document in ragged right as much as possible

ragged2e.sty[1999/06/08 v1.02 Ragged2e Package (MS)] [CS] LaTeX package which defines new commands \Centering, \RaggedLeft, and \RaggedRight and new environments Center, FlushLeft, and FlushRight, which set ragged text and are easily configurable to allow hyphenation."

raggedtab.sty (209)

rangecite.sty (209) Converts [1,2,3,4] to [1-4] in cirations

rawfonts.sty [tools] loading of raw fonts

rawprint.sty [96/09/21, v1.0, Boris Veytsman] [CS] This package is intended for ``quick and dirty'' printing of raw (i.e. non-TeX) Russian texts by persons who (like me) do not have Russian printer fonts (but have Cyrillic TeX).

rccol.sty [2000/09/05 v1.1a right-centered columns] [CS]

rcs.sty [2.9 1995/08/02] [CS] LaTeX package rcs to use RCS tag values in one's document, and typeset revision logs

rcsinfo.sty [2000/07/31 v1.8] [CS] Same.

refcheck.sty [12 September 2000, v1.8] [CS] Checking of lost and useless labels

refcount.sty [2000/09/07 v2.0] [CS] Converting references to numbers (HO)

regcount.sty [1999/08/03 v1.0 Register counting (JPFD)] [CS]

regel.sty Befehle zum Erzeugen von Regeln

relenc.sty [1999/01/23] [CS]

relsize.sty [1999/11/01 ver 2.0b] [CO] Setting the font size relative to the current size

remreset.sty [1997/09/28 David Carlisle] [CS] This package defines \@removefromreset which just undoes the effect of \@addtorest.

remark.sty (209) Environnement remarque.

removefromreset.sty (209) ??

report.sty old

revnum.sty [1997/05/10 v1.0 reverse enumerate, jw][CS]

rmpage.sty [1997/09/29 v0.92veryx] [CS] LaTeX2e package file to define printing area parameters

rlineno.sty [1999/06/11 OBSOLETE]

rmthm.sty (209) Modification of theorems.

romanian.sty [babel]

romanneg.sty (o209)

romannum.sty [1999/05/08 v1.0 roman numerals]

romref.sty [ams beta]

rotating.sty [1997/09/26, v2.13] [CS] Package for rotating things

rotfloat.sty [1995/03/30 v1.0 rotfloat package (AS)] [CS] Extension of rotating.

rplain.sty [1994/10/10 v1.0 rplain package (AS)] [CS] redefines plain pagestyle.

rtkinenc.sty [2000/01/24 v1.0 Rethinking input encoding package][CS]

russian.LH.sty, russian.babel.sty, russian.cyralt.sty, russian.sty,

russianb.sty [babel]

safedefs.sty Part of Frankenstein

savefnmark.sty [2000/05/11 v1.0] [CS] save footnote marks for multiple use (VK)

saferef.sty [1997/2/2 v1.0] [CS] A Safer Cross-referencing package

sans.sty [J"org Knappen] [CS] This package makes computer modern sans serif the default font \sf switches to a serifed font

sbbm.sty [1998/11/11 LaTeX package to use the bbm font family][CS]

scale.sty [1999/08/13 v1.1.2] [CS] A5 using A4 + Xerox

scalefnt.sty [1997/09/28 David Carlisle] [CS] This package defines a command \scalefont. After \scalefont{.75} then the current font and baselineskip will be scaled to 75% of their original size. Any scale factor may be specified.

schedule.sty [1997/10/28 1.0] [CS] Primarily intended for constructing charts of recurring weekly appointments

scottish.sty [babel]

scraddr.sty [1998/07/17 v2.5e LaTeX2e KOMA package] [CS] Part of KOMA-Script (doc in german).

scrdate.sty [1997/06/21 v1.1h] [CS] Part of KOMA-Script (doc in german).

scrpage.sty [1996/12/07 v1.2a] [CS] Part of KOMA-Script (doc in german).

scrtime.sty [1997/06/21 v1.1h] Part of KOMA-Script (doc in german).

secdot.sty [2000/06/20 v1.0 section numbers with dots][CO]

seceqn.sty (209) Équations numérotées par rapport aux sections.

secret.sty (209) Ajoute « Secret défense » devant tous les paragraphes adéquat

sectsty.sty [1999/04/12 v2.0.1 v1.8.7][CS] Commands to change all sectional heading styles

section.sty [version 1.4: 10 Mar 99] [CO] Optional features are set to standard.

selectp.sty [CO] print only selected pages

sem-a4.sty, sem-page.sty [CO] Part of seminar

semantic.sty [2000/08/03 v2.0(beta) Semantic Package] [CS]

reserved.sty, infernce.sty, shrthand.sty, ligature.sty, tdiagram.sty This file should not be loaded directly. This file is an option of the semantic package.

semcolor.sty, semhelv.sty, seminar.sty, semlayer.sty, semlcmss.sty, semrot.sty [CO] Part of seminar

sepnum.sty [1996/09/05 v2.0] Insert a separator every three digits (br)

setspace.sty [2000/12/01 v6.7] [CS] LaTeX package, line spacing

settobox.sty [2000/09/07 v1.1 Getting box sizes (HO)] [CS]

settosize.sty (209) Calcule la fonte pour que le texte ait une certaine taille

sexscale.sty [1998/11/11 Modified LaTeX package exscale] [CS]

sf298 [2000/02/22 Standard Form 298] [CS]

sfg.sty [CS] Style sfg, by Hanspeter Schmid, version 0.9 for drawing signal flow graphs (Jul 1 1998)

sfheaders.sty [1997/09/25 Sans-Serif headers][CS]

sgmlcmpt.sty [1999/06/01] [CS]

shadbox.sty, shadbox1.sty [17 Mar 1996] [CS] The goal of this command is to darken the background of any box

shadethm.sty [99XI23] [CS] Extension of theorem

shading.sty (209) Du grisé en PostScript

shadow.sty (209) Pour faire de l'ombre

shapepar.sty [mar 93 1.01] [CO] see latex companion 3.1.7

shortvrb.sty (209) un \verb sans le \verb

showdim.sty [1998/07/29 v1.1 (Michael J Downes)] [CS]

showframe.sty [UMEKI, Hideo (1996/04/11)] [CS] draws page frame in each page. Command \printparam is useful to print LaTeX parameters for page layout. This should be used after \begin{document} where you want to print them.

showidx.sty Montre les index

showkeys.sty [tools] Show cite and label keys (DPC)

showkeysff.sty [1997/06/12 v1.0 Show ffcite, cite, and label keys (DPC)]

showlabels.sty [1999/07/22 v1.3c] [CS] Shows the labels

shortlst.sty [1998/11/27 version 1.1] [CS] The shortlst package provides environments similar to itemize and enumerate designed especially for lists of short items.

shorttoc.sty [1998/08/20 v1.2 Short table of contents (JPFD)][CS]

shsulet.sty Pour faire des lettres

sidecap.sty [2000/02/04 v1.5d SideCap Package (RN/HjG)] [CS] LaTeX package which defines new environments for easy typesetting sideways captions

sig.sty [1995/07/04 v1.0 by: J.B. Rhebergen] [CS] Includes some special commands.

SIunits.sty [2000/08/29 v1.14] [CS]

slashbox.sty [May 31, 1993] [CO] ???

slashed.sty [1997/01/16 v0.01 Feynman Slashed Character Notation (DPC)] [CS]

slemph.sty [1999/02/25 v1.2] [CS] Provides \itswitch, \slswitch, instead of \em

slides.sty obsolète (classe)

slidesec.sty [CO] Someone who actually uses something like this should rewrite it.

slovak.sty [babel]

slovene.sty [babel]

smallcap.sty [CO] Uses the old dc fonts.

smaller.sty (209) Définit smaller et larger

smartmn.sty [1999/06/01 v 1.1b Intelligent hyphen/minus (jk)] [CS] This style file makes the ASCII character `-' (hyphen/minus) active, so that it guesses, whether to print as a minus sign or as a hyphen. The used heuristic is simple: It turns to a minus in math mode, or if it is followed directly by a digit. Two dashes between digits are interpreted as number range dash, no minus is inserted there. In other cases, it is just the plain old hyphen. The ligature `--' works as usual, but the em dash `---' is broken. If --- is followed by a digit, it prints as --$-$digit, in the other case it is an en dash followed by a hyphen. The emdash can be produced with the command \emdash.

smartref.sty [2000/05/14 v1.0][CO] Increase reference capability (reference by name)

smfenum.sty [1999/11/15 v1.1] [CS] Nouvelle version des parametres d'enumerations

smfthm.sty [1999/03/05 v1.0.h][CS] Environnements predefinis de theoremes

snapshot.sty [1999/11/09 v1.04] [CS] This package provides a way for a LaTeX document to specify, for each external file on which the document depends, which version is required to guarantee output fidelity.

sobolev.sty [1997/11/14 v2.3 F. Bosisio] [CS] Package that makes life easy for those using Sobolev spaces.

songbook.sty [version 3.1 13 Nov 1999] [CS] Also: chordbk, conditionals, overhead, wordbk: songbook.sty - Generic SongBook style.

somedefs.sty [tools] Pour ne charger que la moitié d'un package

soul.sty [1999/05/15 v1.3 letterspacing/underlining (mf)][CS]

spacecites.sty (209) Citation avec des espaces

sphack.sty Version 1.0 22May 1998 [CO] Modified space hacks for LateX

spanish.sty [babel]

srcltx.sty [2001/04/08 v1.1 DVI Search]

ssqquote.sty [1994/05/21 v1.2] [CS] sans serif quotation style

stabular.sty [1998/03/19] Improve tabular environment

startrek.sty [1996/08/12 v1.0] [CO] For using the startrek font

stblftnt.sty [dec 96] [CO] a jiffy to ensure that footnotes don't migrate to the table of contents, list of tables/figures, headlines, etc.

stdclsdv.sty [2000/07/16 v1.1 Sectional divisions] [CS]

stepv1.sty [1996/05/31 STEP general package] [CS] Style STEP (iso 10303

stepv13.sty[2000/01/12 v1.3.1 STEP general package][CS]

stfloats.sty [1999/10/22] Improve float mechanism and baselineskip settings

stmaryrd.sty [03 March 1994 2.02] [CS] St Mary's Road symbol font

stree.sty [CS] a tool for drawing structural formulae

subeqn.sty [1999/03/03 v2.0a subnumbering of equations] [CS]

subeqnarray.sty [1999/03/03 v2.1b] [CS] This package defines the subeqnarray and subeqnarray* environments, which behave like the eqnarray environment, except that the lines are numbered like 1a 1b 1c etc.

subfigure.sty [1995/03/06 v2.0] [CS] LaTeX package for providing support for the inclusion of small, `sub,' figures and tables.

subfigmat.sty [1999/02/27 v1.0 Subfigure Matrix Package] [CO]

subfloat.sty [1999/10/08 v1.03] [CS] subnumbering for figures and tables

subscript.sty [CO] provides a command \textsubscript

substr.sty [2000/06/15] [CS] This package provides commands to deal with substrings in strings

suetterl.sty [1996/07/18 v1.2] [CO] For using the suetterlin font

supertabular.sty [1999/08/07 v4.1d the supertabular environment][CS]

sverb.sty [1996/05/08 1.3 Verbatim typesetting] [CS] Mark Wooding

swedish.sty [babel]

syntax.sty [1996/05/17 1.9 Syntax typesetting (MDW)] [CS]

synttree.sty [CS] 1998 by Matijs van Zuijlen SyntTree is a LaTeX package for typesetting syntactic trees, such as those used in Chomsky's Generative Grammar.

syntonly.sty Standard LaTeX2e package

t-angles.sty [04.04.99] [CS] Diagrammatic macros for tangles and braided Hopf algebras

t1enc.sty (Standard LaTeX package) T1 devient l'encodage de fonte par défaut

Tabbing.sty [1997/12/18 v1.0 Jean-Pierre F. Drucbert][CS] provides a `Tabbing' environment, analog to the LaTeX standard `tabbing' environment, but allowing accented letters.

tabls.sty [v3.5] [CO] Modification of array and tabular

tabularx.sty [tools] Extension of tabular

tabverb.sty (209) Tabbing Verbatim Style

tcldoc.sty [2000/12/20 v2.13 Tcl documentation package] [CS]

tensind.sty [1998/05/01 v1.0 Tensorial Indexes] [CS]

tensor.sty [03 Jun 1996 v1.00] [CS] Defines the command \tensor with two parameters.

termcal.sty [1.8 1997/01/11] [CS] Latex2e package to print a Term calendar

texnames.sty (209) Noms de logiciels liés à tex.

texshade.sty [2000/10/09 LaTeX TeXshade (v1.4a)] [CS]

texsort.sty [2000/06/08] Sort/compress numerical lists

textcase.sty [1998/11/12 v0.06, David Carlisle] [CS] \MakeTextUppercase and \MakeTextLowercase are versions of the standard \MakeUppercase and \MakeLowercase that do not change the case of any math sections in their arguments.

textcomp.sty (latex) Pour avoir les symboles des fontes TC

textfit.sty [1994/04/15 v5] [CS] Fits the font to the text size

textmerg.sty [1994/06/20 v2.01] [CO] In this article the author explains how to do some standard and not so standard word processor text merges in \TeX\ documents,

textopo.sty [2000/07/12 LaTeX TeXtopo (v1.1)]

textpath.sty Part of PSTricks

textpos.sty [2001/04/19 v1.1e textpos] [CS] absolute positioning of text on the page

thb.sty, thc.sty, thcb.sty [tools] Extensions de theorem

thema.sty Obsolete

theorem.sty [tools] Extension des théorèmes

thesis.sty Obsolete

thm.sty, thmb.sty, thp.sty [tools] Extensions de theorem

thmbnail.sty [1996/12/26 v1.2] [CS] Trivial little calendar (Frank Bennett)

threeparttable.sty [CO] Tables with notes. Same as 3parttable.sty

thumbnail.sty [1996/12/26 v1.2] [CS] Trivial little calendar (Frank Bennett)

thumb.sty [97/12/24 v1.0] [CO]

ticket.sty [v0.3c 2000/10/10] [CS]

time.sty [15 Feb 1995 v1] [CS] Defines the \now macro

timeline.sty (209)

times.sty Package qui permet d'avoir la fonte PostScript Times

timesht.sty [1998/01/17 Timesheet (Frank Bennett)] [CS] (Replaced now by timesht.cls ??)

timetab.sty (209) Tables bizarres

timetabl.sty [1998/01/17 Frank Bennett] [CS] This package organizes date items in a format suitable for conference schedules, itineraries, academic teaching timetables and the like. It is based on the Calendar package

titlefoot.sty [1999/03/02] [CS] Gives the capability of adding keywords, a running title, AMS subject classifications, and an ``authors footnote'' as footnotes to the title or first page of a document.

titleref.sty [2000/10/27 v3.0] [CO] This package provides a "\titleref" command to cross-reference the titles of sections. The "\label" command is changed to remember the title for such a reference. Use "\titleref" just like "\ref" and "\pageref".

titles.sty [1999/03/08 v1.1a] [CS] Intelligent management of nesting and following punctuation and spacing for typesetting titles of books.

titlesec.sty [[2001/01/23 v2.4 Sectioning titles] [CS]

titletoc.sty [2001/01/23 v1.3 TOC entries] [CS]

titling.sty [2001/03/23 v2.1 maketitle typesetting][CS]

tmacros.sty Partie de Frankenstein

tmlindex.sty Redéfinition de index. (old)

tmmaths.sty [2000/04/15 v1.2 (WaS/MicroPress)][CS] typesetting with the font families `Times' and `TM-Math'.

tocbibind.sty [2001/04/17 v1.5 extra ToC listings] [CS]

tocloft.sty [2001/04/17 v2.2 parameterised ToC, etc., typesetting] [CS]

tocvsec2.sty [1999/01/24 v1.1 variable ToC section entries]

toklist.sty [CO] Macros pages 378-379 of "The TeXbook"

topcapt.sty [v1.1a] [CO] This is a jiffy LaTeX package that enables coherent setting of the caption _above_ a figure or table

topfloat.sty [TopFloat, Version 1.0 Sep. 99, di Macchia Angelo][CS]

toolbox.sty by M. Vaeth: The TeX Programmer's Toolbox 3.2

totpages.sty [1999/07/13 v1.00 Totpages Package (muewi) [CS]

trace-st.sty [CS] Tables sur plusieurs pages

tracefnt.sty(latex) Le style qui imprime des LaTeX Font Warning

tracking.sty [17 Mar 1996] [CS] This style invoke the commands for tracking, i.e. automatical adjust spaces between symbols in a words or phrases to fit them into needed length.

trademarks.sty (209) Des marques déposées.

trees.sty [Peter Vanroose, 18 april 1990] [CS] Package for doing trees

treetex.sty [Oct.--Nov. 1996] a tool for drawing structural formulae

trfsigns.sty [1999/08/07 1.01][CS] a LaTeX package for typesetting transformation signs for Laplace transformation and others.

trig.sty Trigonometry package

truncate.sty [2000/08/15 ver 3.5] [CO] Truncate text to a specified width. If text must be cut, then a sontinuation marker is shown at the end (the default is "\,\dots").

turkish.sty [babel]

tvz-code.sty, tvz-hax.sty, tvz-user.sty Partie de PSTricks

twcal.sty [1996/07/18 v1.2] [CO] Thomas Weinmann calligraphic font

twoopt.sty [1999/04/12 v1.3 Definitions with two optional arguments (HO)][CS]

twoup.sty [2000/03/09 version 1.0] [CS]

type1cm.sty [1997/02/17 v0.03 BlueSky/Y&Y Type1 CM font definitions (DPC) [CS]

typearea.sty [1997/11/25 v2.5c] [CS] Part of Koma Script (doc in german)

typehtml.sty [1997/11/19 v0.12 HTML printer (DPC)] [CS] A package that allows latex to understand html code.

ua-title.sty [1997/03/08] [CS] Title page for ua thesis

ucs.sty [CS] Unicode Support (utf-8)

uhrzeit.sty [2001/02/13 v0.2] Uhrzeit-Formate

ukdate.sty (209) Date au format breton (Royaume Uni)

ulem.sty [2000-05-26] [CO] A style file to provide various types of underlining

ulsy.sty [1.2.1995 v1.0] [CS] Package for the font ulsy.

umlaute.sty [1995/01/23 v2.0 umlaute package (AS)] [CS] old. Calls inputenc

umoline.sty [2000/07/11 v1.1 ][CS] under/mid/overline for long text

underlin.sty [1997/02/16 v1.01 underlined running head (RmS)] [CS]

underscore.sty 02-Jan-1998 [CO] Make the "_" character print as "\textunderscore" in text.

undertilde.sty [2000/08/08 v1.0 Tilde under a math object]

units.sty [1998/08/04 v0.9b Typesetting units] [CS]

univers.sty Package pour utiliser la fonte PostScript Univers

upquote.sty [2000/12/11] Covington's upright-quote modification to verbatim and verb

upref.sty [ams]

url.sty [ver 1.5 28-Mar-1999] [CO] A form of \verb that allows linebreaks at certain characters or combinations of characters, accepts reconfiguration, and can usually be used in the argument to another command.

ushort.sty [2001/06/07 v2.1] you may write shorter (or longer) underlines/underbars

usorbian.sty [babel]

utopia.sty Package qui permet d'utiliser la fonte PostScript Utopia

utthesis.sty [version 2.0, January 1995] [CS] UT Austin Thesis Style File,

va.sty [1996/07/18 v1.2] [CO] for using VA and VACAL fonts.

varvbtm.sty [1999/08/11 v1.0 ] [CS] new verbatim macros

varindex.sty [2001/05/06 v2.3] [CS]

varioref.sty [tools] Modification de pageref (latex companion 2.5.1)

vdm.sty [oct 94 v4.00] [CO] LaTeX macros for typesetting VDM specifications

vector.sty[1994/09/16 v1.0 vector macros for LaTeX2e (nde)][CS] This package provides a set of new commands for representing vectors in various ways. The commonly-used bold and underlined notations are supported, as is the `hat' notation for representing unit vectors. Macros are also provided to represent a row or column vector as a set of elements.

verbasef.sty [CO] This stands for VERBatim Automatic Splitting of External Files.

verbatim.sty [tools] Extension de verbatim

verbdef.sty [2000/10/06 v0.2 define verbatim csnames] [CO]

version.sty [CO] Version control macros.

vertbar.sty [2000/07/25 v1.0 vertical bars]

vmargin.sty [2000/08/01 v2.3] [CS] LaTeX style file providing macros to aid margin setting.

voorbeeld.sty, voorbeelden.sty (209) Exemples en linguistique

vpe.sty [2000/09/15 v0.1 Source specials for pdf files (HO)][CS]

vrbexin.sty [1994] [CO] Another package verbatim

vrsion.sty [1997/07/16 (v.1.5) Mats Dahlgren] [CS] The vrsion package provides a user-friendly way to introduce file version numbers in LaTeX documents. It remembers the previous version number, also when the .aux-file is corrupted (due to errors in the LaTeX run).

vruler.sty [oct 1996] [CO] vertical ruler

warpcol.sty [1998/09/12 v1.0b Numerical column definition][CO]

wart12.sty, warticle.sty old

wasysym.sty [1999/05/13 v1.0i, Axel Kielhorn] [CS] A package that defines macros for characters in the wasy fonts.

web.sty Package pour WEB (spidery web)

web.sty (renamed to webeq.sty) [1999/05/06 v1.20 web.sty package (dps)]

weekday.sty (209) Donne le jour de la semaine.

welsh.sty [babel]

wordbk.sty [version 3.1 13 Nov 1999] [CS] See songbook.

wordcount.tex [CS] for counting words...

wrapfig.sty[ v3.3 oct 1999] [CO] Environments "wrapfigure" and "wraptable" place a figure or table at the side of the page and wrap text around it.

xcomment.sty [CO] This is a style for comment and "inverse" comment environments.

xr.sty [1997/10/06 v6.00beta2 eXternal References (DPC)] [CS]

xr-hyper.sty [2000/03/22 v6.00beta4 eXternal References (DPC)] [CS]

xrefwarn.sty (209) Un seul warning par citation qui manque.

xspace.sty [tools] Ajoute un espace à la fin des macros s'il le faut.

xtab.sty [2000/04/09 v2.3 Extended supertabular package][CS]

xtabv1.sty [1996/03/29 v1.0 Extended ISO supertabular package] [CS]

aliphat.sty chemist.sty hcycle.sty locant.sty polymers.sty carom.sty chemstr.sty hetarom.sty lowcycle.sty xymtex.sty ccycle.sty fusering.sty hetaromh.sty methylen.sty part of XyMTeX. [ December 25, 1998][CS]

xy.sty The xypic package version 3.7

yearly.sty [1997/11/06 Frank Bennett] [CS] Trivial yearly calendar

  yfonts.sty [1999/05/12 v1.2 v1.2 (WaS)] [CS] A package for using gothic fonts, doc in german.

yhmath.sty [January 4, 1996,Yannis Haralambous] [CO] This package provides a set of big delimiters, intermediate to those of the original TeX, and also much bigger. It also provides very wide accents (including two new ones: parenthesis and triangle).

young.sty [J"org Knappen 7-feb-1992] [CS] macro to make Young tableaux

youngtab.sty [1999/05/19 v1.1; Volker Börchers and Stefan Gieseke] Macros for Young-Tableaux

zed-csp.sty, zed.sty [95/01/11] [CO] For the Z language.

ziffer.sty in numbers in mathmode the following happens...

zzslides.sty Le fichier de transparents de zz.

Th2 126 class files

a0poster.cls [1997/05/07 v1.21b] [CS] Extension of the arcticle class for doing posters. Documentation available in english and german. Allows a \VERYHuge font.

abstbook.cls [1997/02/10 for typseting book of abstracts] [CO] ``Quick and dirty'' class file for ``book of abstracts''

adfathesis.cls, adfathesis.sty, adfathesis.bst [1999/11/10 , v2.42 Stephen Harker] This class modifies the standard report class to meet the requirements of the Australian Defence Force Academy (a college of the University of New South Wales) as given in the `University College Handbook'. This class is ultimately derived from the old suthesis style.

acmconf.cls [2000/05/18 v1.3 ACM Conference Papers][CS] This class is used to typeset articles to be published in the proceedings of the ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) conferences and workshops.

afthesis.cls [1996/12/14 v2.7, Joel Young][CS] This is the Air Force Institute of Technology thesis class. It is based on the standard LaTeX2e report class and uses the caption2 style from Harald Sommerfeldt to provide nice hung captions.

aguplus.cls [1999/08/19 1.6b (PWD)][CS] AGU++, an extension to the AGU official package AGUTeX It fixes up some problems with AGUTeX, adds many extra features including putting figures, plates, tables in the text, decent author-year citations and BibTeX support, \title, \author, \affil allowed in preamble, supplemental abstract for JGR, balanced columns on last preprint page, sublabelling of counters figure, plate, table, equation.

aiaa.cls [2.4 22 feb 1999, Bil Kleb] [CS] Modification to the standard article document class to produce aiaa-conformant conference papers and journal submittals. (aiaa is American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics)

akletter.cls [1999/04/05 v1.5f v1.5d,Axel Kielhorn][CS] A letter style by Axel Kielhorn. Works for french, english, german. Documentation in german.

amsart.cls [ams] article class

amsbook.cls [ams] book class

amsdtx.cls [ams] class fror documentation

amsldoc.cls [ams] class fror documentation

amsproc.cls [ams] class for proceedings

apa.cls [1998/09/02 v1.23] [CO] Classe of APA (American Psychological Association).

article.cls Classe article standard.

artikel1.cls, artikel2.cls, artikel3.cls [1997/09/08 v2.0x NTG LaTeX document class] [CS] Class files of NTG (Nederlandstalige TeX Gebruikersgroep).

asaetr.cls [03 Sep 1997] [CO] Unofficial style for Transactions of the ASAE

ascelike.cls [1999/06/25 asce-like manuscripts (Am. Soc. Civ. Engr.)]

beletter.cls [1999/06/05 Belgium Letter Class]

boek.cls, boek3.cls [1997/09/08 v2.0x NTG LaTeX document class] {CS] book classes of NTG.

book.cls La classe livre standard.

brief.cls [1997/09/08 v2.0q NTG LaTeX document class] [CS] letter class of NTG.

cjp.cls [1998/03/31 v1.0b Canadian Journal of Physics class][CS]

cjw-env.cls [1998/10/5, v1.1, Colin J. Wynne][CS] Class file for typesetting envelopes

cjw-ltr.cls [1997/01/01, v0.9, Colin J. Wynne][CS] This file is part of cjw-ltr, a class for creating modified standard letters as well as German style letters under LaTeX2e.

ConcProg.cls ][1996/10/09] [CS] A class for concert programs.

combine.cls [2000/05/27 v0.4 collection of documents][CS]

curve.cls [2001/04/23 v1.1] Curriculum Vitae class for LaTeX2e

cweb.cls [3.6 1995/11/30, Joachim Schrod] [CS] LaTeX class cweb, support for LaTeX markup in CWEB sources.

dinbrief.cls [2000/03/02, 1.73][CS] This class/style implements a new document layout for writing letters, according to the rules of DIN (Deutsches Institut f\"ur Normung, German standardization institute) (documentation in german)

dtk.cls [v1.3 1997/02/08] [CS] A LaTeX Class/Style for ``Die TeXnische Komoedie''.

elsart.cls [2000/09/11 v2.17][CS] The article class for Elsevier.

exam.cls [1997/04/06, 2.0, Philip Hirschhorn] [CS] A LaTeX2e document class for preparing exams.

exam.cls [1995/12/17 3.25 Hans van der Meer] A LaTeX2e document class for preparing exams.

exam.cls [1997/10/11 v1.0 `exam' class (JMA)] A LaTeX2e document class for preparing exams. (there seems to be 3 files with the same name. These are in the directories exam, exams and examdesign)

extbook.cls extletter.cls extproc.cls extreport.cls [1996/10/08 v1.0 Non Standard LaTeX document class][CO]

fac.cls [2000/07/13 v2.00 Springer Formal Aspects in Computing document class (wide design)][CO]

fax.cls [1995/07/18 v1.0 by: J.B. Rhebergen & J.H.M. de Jonge] [CS] A package to for doing faxes.

filoaddr.cls [1998/01/17 18:15:06 Filofax address pages (Frank Bennett)][CS]

flashcard.cls [2000/25/01 0.1.1 (ambudge@mit.edu)] [CO]

foils.cls [1998/08/15, v2.1.3, James Hafner] [CS] The original FoilTeX was a LaTeX-like system for typesetting foils which used its own format file. This new version has converged into a LaTeX class package. Its features include simplicity of use, compatibility with LaTeX, large sans serif font as default, extra macros to start foils with bold headings and special mechanisms to control the footer and header.

fribrief.cls [1997/07/02, Alex Fries] [CS] A letter style, doc in german.

g-brief.cls [1997/10/23, v2.4, Michael Lenzen][CS] A class dfor doing letters in german. Doc in german.

hcart.cls hcletter.cls hcreport.cls hcslides.cls [2000/03/23 v1.07 LaTeX2e HC Bundle][CS]

hpsdiss.cls [2000/10/26 PhD thesis class by Hanspeter Schmid][CS]

hssvita.cls [CO] Une classe pour faire des CV (Caltech Humanities and Social Science Vita).

ieeetrans.cls [30-August-1993 v2.5.4] [CO] This is a LaTeX style file for preparation of submission and final versions of articles to be published in IEEE Transactions.

ifaccong.cls [CS] La classe pour faire des proceedings de l'IFAC

ifacmtg.cls [1998/05/12, v3.2, Sebastian Rahtz] [CS] This class file is intended solely for papers submitted to IFAC meetings.

inriaslides.cls La classe pour faire des transparents à l'Inria.

isov1.cls [1996/03/29 v1.0 LaTeX ISO document class] [CS]

isov2.cls [2000/01/10 v2.2 LaTeX ISO document class]

jhep.cls [1999/03/05 v2.0.2][CO] JHEP.cls is a LaTeX2e class file used to typeset manuscripts in JHEP style. It was written by F. Nesti

jkthesis.cls [2000/08/31 0.8a] HHU thesis class][CS]

journal.cls Idem as paper.cls

jura.cls [1998/07/13 v4.3 juristische Hausarbeiten] [CS] This is a LaTeX2e class for use with german law students papers. It is probably only of use for german law students, so the rest of the documentation will be in german.

k_fribri.cls [1997/07/02, Alex Fries] [CS] A letter style, doc in german.

kluwer.cls [1998/02/11, v1.1] [CS] This class file (c) Kluwer Academic Publishers.

labels.cls (obsolete ?)

leaflet.cls [1999/06/01 v0.3 document class leaflet][CS]

letter.cls La classe standard pour faire des lettres.

lifia-th.cls [95/07/01 v2.0] [CO] Classe ``thèse'' du LIFIA, bon courage Documentation in french

llncs.cls Classe pour les Lecture Notes in Computer Science

ltnews.cls Classe utilisée pour les Latex News.

ltugboat.cls [1998/09/10 v1.4r] Class for TUGboat

ltugproc.cls [1998/09/10 v1.4r] Class for TUGboat

ltxdoc.cls Classe pour la documentation latex.

ltxguide.cls Autre Classe pour la documentation latex.

manual.cls [1997/02/05 v2.0 CAWCS manuals] [CS] Copyright (C) 1989 by Marion van Geest, Center for the Automation of Weapon and Command Systems, Royal Netherlands Navy

minimal.cls La classe la plus petite qui soit,.

monthly.cls [1998/01/17 Monthly Calendar (Frank Bennett)] [CS] This package makes one or more colour-coded monthly calendars.

mpdinbrief.cls [1996/10/29 v1.66] [CS]

mtn.cls [1994/10/25, v1.8] [CS] A Document Class for the Maple Technical Newsletter

muthesis.cls [1999/05/26 MU Thesis Class][CS] University of Manchester

my-thesis.cls [1997/03/08 My Private Thesis Class][CS] Thesis for Marcel Oliver.

mybrief.cls [CO] Classe pour les lettres anglais/allemand.

myletter.cls link to akletter.cls.

newlfm.cls [2001/3/01 v3.1 Letter-Fax-Memo LaTeX Document Class] [CS]

nrc1.cls, nrc2.cls [2000/07/26 v1.3j.7c] National Research Council of Canada

paper.cls [1998/11/02 v1.0k] [CS] A paper class in german.

pitthesis.cls [1999/08/23 v1.2 Univ. of Pittsburgh Thesis Class][CS]

plari.cls [19981102-CTAN] typesetting stageplay scripts ]CS]

play.cls [1999/03/26 A LaTeX class for typesetting plays] [CS]

postcards.cls [1999/08/14 v0.1 multiple postcards class] [CO]

proc.cls Classe standard pour faire des proceedings.

prosper.cls [2000/11/02, v.1.0h]A LaTeX class for creating slides [CS]

protocol.cls [1998/07/30 v1.7] [CS] LaTeX-Class fuer Sitzungs-Protokolle TL]

ra95.cls, ra96.cls Classe du Rapport d'activité Inria.

rapport1.cls, rapport3.cls [1997/09/08 v2.0x NTG LaTeX document class] [CS] report classes of NTG (Nederlandstalige TeX Gebruikersgroep)

recipe.cls [1996/11/22 MLO recipe class v0.9] [CO] intended to be used to produce a ``book'' of recipes

refart.cls, refrep.cls [1999/03/20 v2.0c][CS] A class for doing articles or reports.

report.cls La classe standard pour faire un rapport.

sae.cls [2000/06/28 SAE Technical paper format] [CO]

scrartcl.cls [1998/07/17 v2.5e] [CS] A class for KOMA-Script (doc in german)

scrbook.cls [1998/07/17 v2.5e] [CS] A class for KOMA-Script (doc in german)

script.cls, script_l.cls, script_s.cls [1993/12/01 v2.0-2e] [CO] Classes Script.

scrlettr.cls [1997/11/25 v2.4c] [CS] A class for KOMA-Script (doc in german)

scrreprt.cls [1998/07/17 v2.5e] [CS] A class for KOMA-Script (doc in german)

seminar.cls [1997/10/13 v1.4] [CO] A class for slides

serial.cls [1999/04/30][CS] This class has been designed as a local wrapper for the KOMA-Script letter class to allow easy generation of serial letters.

siggraph.cls [1996/01/17 v1.1.1] [CS] Siggraph proceedings document class

slidenotes.cls [1998/04/23 3.27 Slides and notes] [CS] A class for slides

slides.cls La classe standard pour faire des transparents.

smfart.cls [1999/11/15 v1.2f] [CS] Classe LaTeX pour les articles publies par la SMF

smfbook.cls [1999/11/15 v1.2f] [CS] Classe LaTeX pour les monographies editees par la SMF

thema.cls, thesis.cls [1996/25/01 1.0a] [CS] A class for thesis, doc in german.

third-rep.cls [1998/03/26 UMCSD Third year report style][CS] A LaTeX class defining layout for UMCSD third year project reports

timesht.cls [1997/02/20 v1.0 Monthly calendar (Frank Bennett)][CO] This package organizes date items in a timesheet format, with times on the left, planned activities in a neighbouring column, and an empty column on the right for handwritten notes.

ua-thesis.cls [1997/03/08 UA Thesis Class] [CS] University of Arizona

ucthesis.cls [1994/10/31 v3.0] [CS] University of California Thesis Class

unswthesis.cls [1995/10/23 v1.6a University of NSW Thesis Class][CS] This file provides a thesis class for the School of Computer Science and Engineering, University of New South Wales. Classe de thèse de l'université des Nouvelles Galles du Sud (Australie).

ut-thesis.cls [1999/12/10 v1.8] [CS] University of Toronto

utorontothesis.cls [1997/07/15 University of Toronto Thesis class definition] [CS] The idea here is to modify the "report" class to meet the outdated, hard-to-read standards of the UofToronto School of Graduate Studies requirements for theses.

uwthesis.cls [1995/06/22] [CS] latex thesis package at the University of Washington, Seattle, WA, USA.

viiptart.cls [ 1998/07/03 v0.1] {CS] A Class for those who care about brazilian rain forests

vita.cls [1996/10/09] [CO] class file ``vita'' to create Curriculum Vitae

weekly.cls [1998/01/17 Weekly Calendar (Frank Bennett)] This package makes one or more colour-coded weekly calendars for insertion into a filofax.

zzletter.cls Classe pour faire des lettres.

Some bst files

achemso.bst, achemsol.bst These files are part of the achemso package.

aiaa.bst bibstyle for aiaa.bst

thesnumb.bst BibTeX AFIT Thesis numbered bibliography style.

agsm.bst dcu.bst jphysicsB.bst nederlands.bst apsr.bst jmr.bst kluwer.bst bst files for harvard.sty

Other files

aiaalgo.eps The aiaa logo.

ubbm.fd, ubbmss.fd, ubbmtt.fd fd files for use with bbm.sty.

mylatex.ltx [1997/10/04, David Carlisle] Use this file to make a format based on the preamble of the LaTeX file abc.tex

chbar.sh Shell script that adds use of changebar.sty

pertab.tex Periodic table of elements, comes with chemsym.

cjwderiv.tex cjwinteg.tex cjwphys.tex Macros for cjwmath.sty

cjwplout.clo cjwpltab.clo Files needed by cjwplain.

code437.tex codeiso1.tex initcar.tex shapedc.tex code850.tex codemac.tex shapecm.tex Files in the codepage bundle.

english.mbs french.mbs italian.mbs photjour.mbs spanish.mbs esperant.mbs geojour.mbs merlin.mbs physjour.mbs finnish.mbs german.mbs norsk.mbs portuges.mbs files used by makebst.

makebst.tex [1999/08/26 4.0-beta1 (PWD, AO)] This file is to be run under TeX (or even LaTeX) It interactively asks questions about the bibliographic style file that you want to produce. When it is finished, it writes a docstrip driver file that produces that .bst file from the generic .mbs that you specified; optionally, it will call the docstrip run immediately. For details, read the documentation in the source file makebst.dtx.

foilhtml.perl foils.perl perl scripts for foilhtml.

atari.map hproman8.map ibm852.map iso88592.map spanish.map german.map ibm850.map iso88591.map macroman.map Files for mapcodes.sty

yhbigacc.mf yhbigdel.mf yhcmex10.mf yhmathex.mf OMXyhex.fd Files that come with yhmath.

easybib.perl easyeqn.perl easytable.perl easybmat.perl easymat.perl easyvector.perl latex2html files for easy*.

Files considered obsolete

Some of these files work only with latex209. Some others may or may not work.

article.sty old

balancedquotes.sty (old)

book.sty (old)

script.sty, script_l.sty, script_s.sty Obsolete files, replaced by a class file.

script10.sty, script11.sty, script12.sty script18.sty, obsolete files.

AlDraTex.sty AlProTex.sty (1993)

Diagram.sty (1993)

DraTex.sty (1993) see AlDraTeX

MaxiDiagram.sty , MicroDiagram.sty , MiniDiagram.sty, MultipleArrows.sty (1993) Extensions of Diagram.sty.

MaxiDiagram.sty , MicroDiagram.sty , MiniDiagram.sty, MultipleArrows.sty Extensions de Diagram.sty.

ProTex.sty (1993) see AlDraTex.sty

QED.sty (1996)