[std-interval] New draft available (aka "Revision 1.5")

Sylvain Pion Sylvain.Pion at sophia.inria.fr
Fri Oct 13 14:47:09 PDT 2006

Dear std-intervalers,

Since the ISO C++ meeting is next week, we have prepared an updated
document, which can be found here :

At some point there will be an official revision 2, most probably in the
"post-Portland mailing".  In the mean time, let's refer to this one as
revision 1.5, or 2006-10-12.

Compared to Revision 1 (N2067), the following changes have been
incorporated :
— Added nth_root and nth_root_rel functions.
— Removed explicit bound definition of whole, hull, and intersect.
— Fixed set-inclusion comparisons and detailed bool_set comparisons.
— Fixed definition of midpoint, lower, and upper with respect to infinities.
— Removed generic definition of interval<T>.
— Removed template parameter U.
— Fixed 26.6/2 and removed notion of bounds from 26.6/3.
— Added a note that empty intervals have to be propagated.
— The default constructor now produces an uninitialized interval.
— interval::empty_set() returns an empty interval.
— Renamed interval::whole() to interval::whole_set().
— Turned interval::empty() into a free function named is_empty_set().
— Added is_positively_bounded, is_negatively_bounded, and is_bounded 
free functions.
— Replaced width function by a radius function.
— Removed memory layout specification and data member.
— Added partial functions with explicit flag.

It's still not perfect, but it definitely shows progress, and hopefully
more progress will be made at the meeting.

Don't forget the accompanying "bool_set" proposal, which is still at:

Best regards,

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