[std-interval] More on interval computations as proofs

Gabriel Dos Reis gdr at integrable-solutions.net
Fri Oct 6 17:25:59 PDT 2006

Guillaume Melquiond <guillaume.melquiond at ens-lyon.fr> writes:


| So that there is no misunderstanding, I was speaking of the expression
| x*x as a mathematical expression. So its range is [0,1] on the domain
| [-1,1]. This is different from the C++ expression x*x with "interval
| x(-1,1);". It has to return a superset of [-1,1]. I don't expect any
| optimization here as x is meant as a set of real numbers and not as a
| mathematical expression. Two identical sets do not necessarily bound the
| same mathematical expression.

I suspect somewhre you misunderstood what I said.  I was talking of the
expression x * x, not a * b.

-- Gaby

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