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Office: LIA, Universite d'Avignon, Avignon, France
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Position Ph.D. student
Organization INRIA
Research unit Sophia Antipolis
Theme Networks and telecoms
Project-Team MAESTRO


I am from Bangalore, INDIA. I am pursuing my doctorate under the guidance of Prof. Eitan ALTMAN (INRIA) and Prof. Merouane DEBBAH (SUPELEC). I have a Masters from Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore. In the past, I had been involved in research and development activities in the areas of GPS, Integrated navigation, Voice-band Modems, CDMA, WLAN and WiMAX at ACCORD, ITTIAM and BECEEM. My current research interests span optimization, game theory, wireless networks, communication theory and signal processing. I live near the beautiful fort-town of Avignon in south of France and work from LIA, University of Avignon.

Research activities

I am working on aspects related to Optimization of pico-cell networks. The goal is to develop mathematical models and efficient algorithms for self-optimizing pico-cell networks. The work would consider aspects of capacity, coverage, fairness, mobility, etc., in the backdrop of broadband wireless services based on CDMA, WiMAX or LTE technologies. Initial part of the work has focussed on the following problems. 1) Finding optimal cell sizes which maximizes spatial throughput using fluid models 2) Assigning base station locations to satisfy various fairness criterion under large population limits 3) Analysis of mobility in small cell networks using queuing theory 4) Asymptotic analysis of precoded small cell networks using random matrix theory.

Teaching activities



Papers in Journals/Reviews

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Papers in refereed conferences

  • Sreenath Ramanath, Merouane Debbah, Eitan Altman, Vinod Kumar, "Asymptotic analysis of precoded small cell networks", submitted to InfoCom 2010
  • Sreenath Ramanath, Veeraruna Kavitha, Eitan Altman, Laurent Thomas, "Spatial queuing analysis for mobility in pico cell networks", submitted to InfoCom 2010
  • Sreenath Ramanath, Eitan Altman, Vinod Kumar, Merouane Debbah, "Optimizing cell size in pico-cell networks", Invited paper, RAWNET/WCNC-3 Workshop, WiOPT 2009, Jun 27, Seoul, South Korea
  • Sreenath Ramanath, Eitan Altman, Vinod Kumar, Veeraruna Kavitha, Laurent Thomas, "Fair assignment of base stations in cellular networks", 22nd World Wireless Research Forum (WWRF) Conference, May 5-7, 2009, Paris, France
  • Rahul Garg, Roshan Baliga, Sreenath Ramanath, "Sensitivity of OFDM based WLANs to front-end impairments", International Signal Processing Conference 2003, Dallas, Texas
  • Amaranada Reddy, Archana Nayak, Gurucharan, Veeraruna Kavitha, Sreenath Ramanath, "Implementation of a Multi-Channel Baseband CDMA Receiver on a ADSP2189M Processor", International Digital Signal Processing Conference 2001, Boston, MA

PATENTS (under review)

  • Method and system for determining a log-likelihood ratio (LLR) corresponding to each bit of a symbol – filed in 2007
  • Method and apparatus for combining de-interleaving with FFT and demapping – filed in 2005
  • Multi processor implementation for signals requiring fast processing – filed in 2005


Career graph

  • Manager, R&D, Accord Software & Systems, Bangalore [Oct 1992 to Apr 2001]: Design and development of GPS receiver technology. Prototyping and product designs for commercial, aerospace and space applications. Integration of GPS with inertial sensors to create integrated navigation systems. Design and verification of V42bis / MNP5 compression algorithms, Data access arrangement (DAA) drivers for Voice band modems. Code optimization on DSP platforms. Design and development of FAX and DATA modems. Design and development of proprietary high-speed secure CDMA communication link, which has been successfully deployed to command short and medium range ballistic control.
  • Tech Lead, Ittiam Systems, Bangalore [May 2001 to Dec 2003]: Design and development of WLAN technology. Development and performance analysis of 802.11a PHY matlab model. Implementation and testing of algorithms on FPGA, FPGA + DSP or custom specific ASIC architectures for the WLAN reference design platforms and for various customer specific architectures
  • Principal Engineer, Beceem Communications, Bangalore [Jul 2004 to Jul 2008]: Design and development of WiMAX technology. Analysis, design and verification of WiMAX physical layer aspects involving Turbo & Viterbi decoder, Space-time code (STC) detectors, synchronization architectures and TX/RX paths. Development of Fixed Point design methodology & verification processes. Design and development of the Random Frame Generator (RFG) and the Vector Signal Frame Generator (VSG) tool to verify chip and SW functionality of the modem for multiple chip tape-outs and SW releases. Verification, characterization and analysis of field observation for various signal processing blocks. Customer IOT and RCT activities
  • M. Tech, IISc, Bangalore [Aug 1995 to Jan 1997]: Thesis - Integration of GPS (an absolute positioning system) with Dead Reckoning System (DRS) (a relative positioning system). Summary: Developed a Kalman filter to integrate GPS and DRS measurements. Developed a prototype and successfully demonstrated the integrated navigation system in field. An interactive GUI allowed the user the choice of tight coupling (uses raw measurements from GPS and DRS sensors) or loose coupling (uses position & velocity computed from GPS and DRS sensors) modes of the Kalman filter
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