I supervised the following students:

PhD theses

  • Camilla Fiorini (since 2016): Sensitivity analysis for hyperbolic PDE systems, in co-direction with C. Chalon (Uni. Versailles St Quentin).

  • Matthieu Sacher (since 2014): Advanced methods for numerical optimization of yacht performance, in co-direction with O. Le Maitre (LIMSI), F. Hauville and J.-A. Astolfi (Ecole Navale).

  • Asma Gdhami (since 2013): Isogeometric analysis methods for hyperbolic systems, in co-direction with M. Mohaker (ENIT, Tunis).

  • Jérémie Labroquère (2011-2013): Optimization of active flow control devices, in co-direction with J.-A. Désidéri.

  • Adrien Zerbinati (2010-2012): Multiple gradient algorithm for the multiobjective optimization of high-fidelity simulations, in co-direction with J.-A. Désidéri.

Master theses

  • Camilla Fiorini (2014, from Politechnico di Milano): multiple gradient descent algorithm applied to unsteady optimization.

  • Matteo Giacomini (2012, from Politechnico di Milano): multiobjective structural design using isogeometric shape gradients.

  • Etienne Barachart (2011, from Bordeaux ENSEIRB): coupling Nash games and multiple gradient descent algorithm ; construction of a flow database for aerodynamic optimization.

  • Frédéric Moresmo (2009, from Uni. Munich): structural optimization using isogeometric analysis.