I participated to the following research projects:

Projects funded by ANR

  • OMD2 Distributed Multi-Disciplinary Optimization (2009-2012): Development of multi-criteria optimization algorithms for complex systems evaluated using parallel computing (academic partners: Ecole des Mines de Saint-Etienne, ENS Cachan, UTC, Ecole Centrale Paris, IRRCYN, Scilab ; industrial partner: Renault automotive industry, Sirhena, Activeon, CD-Adapco).
    [Responsible for workpackage "Optimization in fluid mechanics"]

  • OMD Multi-Disciplinary Optimization (2006-2009): Development of hierarchical and robust optimization algorithms for complex systems (academic partners: Ecole des Mines de Saint-Etienne, ENS Cachan, Uni. Toulouse, UTC, Ecole Centrale Paris, Scilab ; industrial partners: Dassault-Aviation and Astrium aerospace industries, Renault automotive industry).

Projects funded by INSEP

  • SOKA Simulation and Optimization of racing KAyaks (2014-2015): Optimization of the shape of racing kayaks (partners: French Federation of Canoe-Kayak, Ecole Centrale de Nantes).
    [Scientific coordinator of the project]

  • OPTICAN OPTImization of racing CANoes (2012-2013): Study on the influence of lateral wind on canoe performance (partners: French Federation of Canoe-Kayak, K-Epsilon and Profil companies).
    [Scientific coordinator of the project]

Other projects

  • MEMORIA funded by French Fundation for Aerospace Research FNRAE (2012-2013): Algorithms for aerodynamic design under uncertainty (academic partners: Univ. Toulouse, CERFACS).

  • BULBE funded by the ministry of fishing (2011-2011): study on the optimization of bow shape for trawler ships (partners: K-Epsilon and Profil companies).