I have participated to the following European research projects:

Projects funded by the 7th Framework Program

  • MARS MAnipulation of Reynolds Stress for separation control (2010-2013): Optimization of active flow control devices (academic partners: Uni. Sheffield, CIMNE, Uni. Poitiers, Uni. Manchester ; industrial partners: Airbus, Dassault-Aviation, EADS, FOI, Alenia, DLR, Numerca).

  • EXCITING EXaCt geometry sImulaTIoN for optimized desiGn of vehicles and vessels (2009-2011): Development of numerical methods for simulation and optimization in the context of isogeometric analysis (academic partners: Uni. Linz, Uni. Munich, SINTEF ; industrial partners: Siemens, Tech-Hydro, DNV, HRS).
    [Responsible for workpackage "Design ptimization"]