Hi Everybody! We look forward to see you at INRIA Sophia Antipolis for the MatheMACS Spring meeting scheduled on May 14-15. This page contains all the information related its organization and for your venue. This MatheMACS meeting will be followed by a one-day school on "Mean-Fields" (May 16) open to external people and given by Bruno Cessac and Olivier Faugeras.


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The meeting will take place in building BYRON, room Y506 (5th floor). It will start everyday at 9AM. The programme is:
  • Wednesday
    • Morning: Talks from INRIA
      • Romain Veltz
      • Pierre Kornprobst
      • Kartheek Medathati
      • James Mac Laurin
      • Bruno Cessac
    • Afternoon: Talks from other partners
      • Fatihcan Atay
      • Eckehard Olbrich
      • Gabriele Tedeschi
      • Martin Nilsoon Jacobs
      • Dimitri Volchenkov
  • Thursday
    • Morning: Discussion on new collaborations.
    • Thursday Afternoon: Management board meeting
  • Friday (all day)
    • School on mean fields, by Bruno Cessac and Olivier Faugeras
  • Lunches will be in the INRIA cafeteria
  • Worskshop Dinner will be at Bijou Plage in Juan-Les-Pins (directions)


If you want to attend... NB: Please follow these links and select the meals you plan to attend so that we can make the plans for the catering.

About the hotel

  • I put an option on some rooms at hotel Media Garden in Sophia Antipolis. INRIA has an agreement with this hotel (Of course we let you free to choose another place if you prefer). This hotel is 10 to 15 minutes away by car from INRIA (map).
  • If you stay at Media Garden hotel, the best way to come to INRIA is by taxi (it will take you around 10 to 15 minutes). A second possibility is to reserve through the receptionist of the hotel a shuttle called ENVIBUS. A third possibility is by bus (1 km walking to the bus station and then bus #1 or #22, but it will take you between 30 to 45 minutes)
  • Please find below a message from the hotel (you need to contact the hotel directly to make your reservation)

    Dear Sir or Madam,
    Following your kind request, we thank you for the interest that you show in our property.
    We are pleased to confirm our availability to welcome you.
    You benefit from special rates for INRIA-price per night:
    - 83.00 euros per single room, city tax included with buffet breakfast.
    - 108.00 euros per double room, city tax included with buffet breakfast
    - 100.00 euros per single room, city tax included with buffet breakfast and dinner
    - 144.00 euros per double room, city tax included with buffet breakfast and dinner
    In order to guarantee the reservation, we kindly ask to send us credit card details.
    For more information and reservation, please contact us: +33 4 92 94 68 00 or commercial@mediathel.com
    Looking forward to hearing from you, we remain at your entire disposal for any further information that you may require.
    Best regards
    Aurore Pogliano (aurore.pogliano@mediathel.com)
  • Will you need Wi-Fi access?

    • To have Wi-Fi access at INRIA, please send me by email the following information before your arrival:
      • Institution:
      • Lastname:
      • Firstname:
      • email:
      You will then receive a message with a login+passwd

    Will you need taxi (INRIA->Airport)?

    If you want us to reserve a taxi for you, please send us a message with the following information:

    • If you would like us to reserve a taxi after the meeting to reach the airport, please indicate the date and departure time of your flight (we advise to reserve taxis in advance)

    Some links


    Pierre Kornprobst (+33 4 92 38 79 79; email)
    Marie-Cecile Lafont (+33 4 92 38 78 30; email)