Partial Evaluation with Inference Rules

Laurent Hascoet
INRIA, BP93, 06902 Sophia-Antipolis, France

Article in New Generation Computing Journal, OHMSHA & Springer, 1988 (23 pages)

Abstract: Suppose we are given a program P in some language L, and a set of inference rules based on unification that define the dynamic semantics of this language L. We propose a tactic for (partially) evaluating a given predicate in a set of inference rules, therefore proposing a new excutable semantics to our rules. This tactic applied to P and to the dynamic semantics of L yields classicaly a new set of specialized inference rules that are a compiled version of P. Our partial evaluation tactic proposes and uses some original improvements, which are applicable to the general field of partial evaluation of unification-based languages.

Keywords: Inference Rules, Partial Evaluation, Prolog, Tactic

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