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PhD Konstantinos Mavreas

FACTAS project team
(Factas is the successor of the Project-Team APICS)

I had been working in INRIA Institute from Oct. 2015 to Jan. 2020. During this period I studied applied mathematics and my specialty was signal processing and automation. My thesis entitled "An inverse source problem in planetary sciences: dipole localization in Moon rocks from sparse magnetic data" involves deriving analytical formulas that combined with signal processing techniques can recover the unknown magnetization of moon rocks using sparse measurements of their weak magnetic field. This work was part of the IMPINGE project (Inverse Magnetization Problems In Geosciences) in collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the Vanderbilt University.

Beyond my research activity, I have always been passionate about teaching. However due to my elementary level in French language, I was not able to teach, as most lessons at University Cote d'Azur were in French. Instead, my motivation for teaching leads me to organize and develop the PhD seminars of INRIA SAM. These were educational seminars with the goal to wider the horizon of the PhD students in various scientific areas.