Stability and Fairness Issues in MIMD protocols

B. Prabhu, INRIA Sophia Antipolis, (a joint work with E. Altman, K. Avrachenkov, A. A. Kherani and C. Barakat)


In first part of this work, we present a mathematical analysis of the MIMD congestion control algorithm in the presence of random losses. Our approach is based on showing that the logarithm of the window size evolution has the same behaviour as the workload process in a standard G/G/1 queue. The Laplace-Stieltjes transform of the equivalent queue then provides the moments of the window size. In the second part, we study fairness among sessions sharing a common bottleneck link, where one or more sessions use a MIMD algorithm in the presence of general combination of synchronized and non-synchronized losses. We then study inter protocol fairness: how the capacity is shared in the presence of synchronized losses among sessions some of which use AIMD protocols whereas the others use MIMD protocols.