MALENA (Machine Learning for Network Analytics)

Joint Research Team between Inria and IIT Bombay


MALENA (Machine Learning for Network Analytics) is a joint Indo-French research team between IIT Bombay and Inria. It was created in March 2017 and is financially supported for 3 years by DST, CEFIPRA and Inria.

We broadly plan to address three subareas:

Network inference: Estimating network characteristics such as diameter, edge conductances, average occurrence of specified motifs, testing hypotheses regarding graph structure, rumour source detection, network tomography, furthering ongoing work in some of these as well as some new directions. Our approach will be a blend of modern statistical tools and signal processing tools, exploiting structural aspects such as sparsity and correlations.

Network algorithms: This includes distributed algorithms on networks such as gossip based, distributed learning and optimization, and also algorithms for networks such as ranking, approximate computation of centrality measures, clustering etc. In addition to developing further Markov Chain Monte Carlo and related algorithms, we also hope to leverage techniques of high dimensional inference such as compressive sensing, low rank approximations, etc.

Dynamic and strategic issues: This will cover graph dynamics, dynamics on the graphs and related optimisation and estimation issues, strategic behaviour on networks, e.g., resource allocation, network based games and belief propagation. Paradigms from statistical physics such as metastability and cavity methods will be principal tools used in this subarea.

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Team members

French side:

Konstantin Avrachenkov (Team leader, Inria NEO Team);

Eitan Altman (Inria NEO Team);

Marc Lelarge (Inria DYOGENE Team and Safran).

Indian side:

Vivek S. Borkar (Team leader, IIT Bombay);

Nikhil Karamchandani (IIT Bombay);

Sharayu Moharir (IIT Bombay);

Neeraja Sahasrabudhe (IISER Mohali).

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Visits from France to India:

Visits from India to France:

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Job offers

We have PhD and PostDoc offers on the topic of the project. Please inquire at .

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