Topics of interest

My research interests include graph separators, computational geometry, and algorithmics. I mainly work on three different fields:

High-End Computing in connection with mesh generation

My PhD thesis deals with the various bottlenecks that appear using irregular data structures in scientific computing. Along with a close modelization of various popular kinds of scientific applications (and especially, the resolution of large, sparse linear systems), new approaches are proposed to take full advantage of the CPU resources. I am strongly concerned with mesh generation in a parallel computing environnement.

Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite networking

I am also interested in mobile telecommunications, and more specifically those done by means of satellite constellations. More precisely, I am concerned with the problem of routing a given set of communications through a network in constant movement, such as a LEO satellite constellation with inter-satellite links. In such an environment, I also foccus on energy-saving issues related to on-board computations.

Optimization of telecommunication systems

Finally, I pushed forward my studies into the field of general optimization for telecommunication systems. I am involved with algorithms and data structures applied for instance to compression and coding. I also invest myself in non-linear programming, such as semi-definite programming.

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