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Hervé Guillard


FRATRES, is a collaborative Inria Project Lab aimed to coordinate the researches on fusion performed in Inria projects and their partners

Next Events

June 20th - 2017, Sophia-Antipolis, France

Workshop, Understanding disruptions 

November, 27--28, 2017

Annual Meeting of the IPL FRATRES

My research activities deal with  the development of simulation methods in engineering and physics. These include modeling issues for complex systems, discretization methods and solution algorithms such as multigrid and implicit schemes. Parallel computing is mandatory to solve today large scale problems and I am therefore also interested in parallel and distributed computations. The application areas concern classical aerodynamics, two-phase flows and energy industries and are now mainly focused on simulation methods in plasma physics for fusion research by magnetic confinement. These researches are done in the joint INRIA-Nice Sophia Antipolis University team CASTOR.

Current domains of interest :

Plasma physics and controlled fusion

Implicit schemes

Two-phase flow and multifluid modeling

Multigrid algorithms : Geometrical MG, Algebraic MG

Shallow water and Environmental flows

Approximations in curvilinear coordinates

Astrophysical flows

Large scale CFD applications

Low Mach number flows

Parallel and Grid computing