European Esprit HPCN PASSWORDS project

Research context :

During my Ph.D. in the Orion research group at INRIA on the interpretation of image sequences I participated to the PASSWORDS project:

My work consisted in designing and developing a generic interpretation system of dynamic scenes. The class of applications I am interested in is the automatic interpretation of indoor and outdoor partially structured scenes observed with a fixed monocular color camera. Given image sequences of a scene, an interpretation system has to recognize scenarios relative to the behaviors of mobile objects. In my case the mobile objects correspond either to humans or to vehicles and the scenarios describe some real-world human activities.

I have developed a scene interpretation system composed of three stages. First, moving regions are extracted from the image sequence by low-level image processing tasks. Then a tracking module finds the associations between the detected moving regions to form and track mobile objects. In the final stage, a scenario recognition module identifies mobile objects based on the tracked moving regions and interprets the scenarios that are relative to their behaviors. When an interesting scenario is recognized, an alarm is triggered.

Interpretation system :

For more information,see the PASSWORDS PROJECT HOME PAGE: Parallel and real time Advanced Surveillance System With Operator assistance for Revealing Dangerous Situations.