An Evaluation Programme for Video Surveillance Algorithms

Participants: Francois Bremond, Anh Tuan Nghiem, Valery Valentin, Ruihua Ma, Monique Thonnat.

Figure 1. performance evaluation depends on sensors (position, type) and scenes conditions.

We led the project ETISEO (Evaluation du Traitement et de l'Interprétation de Séquences Video) campaign on performance evaluation of video surveillance. More than 16 international teams have processed the video dataset and submitted their results. Our goal was to propose a new evaluation methodology for inferring meaningful information on the evaluated algorithms. Specifically we have carried out the following works:

Figure 2. Selection of 6 sites for ETISEO video acquisition.

Finally we organized in December 2006 a seminar on the evaluation campaign gathering more than 50 participants from international organizations. This work has been published in WMVC07 and AVSS07.

Figure 3. Assessement on video data required for a pertinent evaluation (see WMVC 2007).
Figure 4. Assessement on metrics required for a pertinent evaluation (see AVSS 2007).

For more information, see the ETISEO Project Web-Site