Codes, Software and Datasets

Codes and/or binaries of our generic algorithms as well as datasets can be found on the Titane repository webpage and in the Computational Geometric Algorithms Library (CGAL). Codes on more specific algorithms, typically works related to city modeling, are not ditributed for commercial purposes without licence agreements with Inria. If you are interested in the code of a particular publication not listed here, please contact me by email.

Various sofware (under Inria Licences)
Bauchet and Lafarge
Algorithm for partitioning images into convex polygons with a kinetic approach
[binaries (Windows)] [user manual]

Bauchet and Lafarge
Algorithm for reconstructing concise polygon surface mesh from oriented point clouds
[binaries (Windows)]

Li and Lafarge
Algorithm for approximating objects in images by low-complexity polygons
[sources and binaries]

Duan and Lafarge
Algorithm for partitioning images into homogeneously-sized convex polygons with a Voronoi diagram
[binaries (Windows)] [related publication]

Salinas, Lafarge and Alliez
Software for simplifying dense meshes using edge collapse operators guided by planar primitives
[binaries (Windows) and code (C++)] [related publication]

Lafarge and Alliez
Software for reconstructing surfaces from point clouds by resampling 3D points with structural evidences
[binaries (Windows)]

Favreau, Lafarge and Bousseau
Algorithm for sampling Delaunay point processes in images.
[code (C++)] [related publication]

Verdie, Lafarge and Alliez
Sofware for classifying urban areas from dense 3D meshes in a unsupervised manner
[binaries (Windows)] [tutorial video]

Verdie and Lafarge
Algorithm based on spatial point processes for counting and capturing individual entities from large images using elliptical representations.
[code (C++)]

Sketch vectorization
Favreau, Lafarge and Bousseau
Sofware for vectorizing bitmap line-drawings to networks of Bezier curves.
[binaries (Windows)] [related publication]

CGAL Packages
Lafarge and Giraudot
This package implements algorithms to segment 3D data into semantic classes. Classification mechanisms include unsupervised and learning strategies.

Point set processing
Alliez, Giraudot, Jamin, Lafarge, Mérigot, Meyron, Saboret, Salman and Wu
This package implements methods to analyze and process unorganized point sets
[online documentation]

Point set shape detection
Oesau, Verdie, Jamin, Alliez, Lafarge, Giraudot
This package implements shape detection algorithms for point sets and methods for regularizing shapes.
[online documentation]