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Senior Researcher at Inria, Ph.D. and HDR in Informatics and Computer Science

Leader of the Wimmics research team at Inria in the Research Center of Sophia-Antipolis and I3S CNRS, University of Nice - Sophia Antipolis (France)

Advisory Committee representative of Inria at the World-Wide Web Consortium (W3C)

General co-chair conference WWW 2012

Program co-chair ESWC 2014 and TICE 2014

In Charge of the MOOC Web sémantique et Web de données, FUN, 2015

Co-author Le web sémantique: Comment lier les données et les schémas sur le web ?, Dunod, 2012

twitter: @fabien_gandon

Quote:"He who controls metadata, controls the web."
Semantic Web: a web to link data and share the semantics of their schemas. (see semantic web in six sentences)

Leetspeak name: f4b13n g4nd0n

Card: Dr. Fabien Gandon (Fab or Bafien), http://fabien.info
Researcher at Inria 2004 rt des Lucioles, BP93, Sophia Antipolis, 06902, France

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I have a Ph.D. and an "Habilitation à Diriger les Recherches" in Computer Science and I am a Graduated Engineer in Applied Mathematics from INSA Rouen.
I am a member of W3C the world wide web consortium working groups such as the Social Web incubator group; see also W3F the world wide web foundation. I participate to several program committees for journals,conferences and workshops. I am member of AFIA (French Association for Artificial Intelligence).
My main hobby is Improv / Theater sport / Theatrical improvisation: I am a member, trainer and referee at AIA the theater sport team of Antibes and here is a quick intro to improv.
I also try to write short stories in French (des nouvelles) and exchange with other authors on the site nousvelles.com.
Finally I was a member of the Music School of Mougins "Ecole de Musique de Mougins" and of the music band Deepness on Jamendo.

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