Maple packages

Evelyne Hubert

diffalg Differential Algebra
The diffalg package is a collection of routines to handle systems of polynomial differential equations and inequations. The functionalities include differential elimination, expansion of the solutions into formal power series and analysis of singular solutions. The underlying theory and terminology belongs to differential algebra.
Overview and examples of applications are presented on web pages or as Maple worksheets.
aida Algebraic Invariants and their Differential Algebras
The aida package will be a collection of routines to explore algebra of differential invariants: computation of generating sets of invariants, rewritings, syzygies, and their differential analogues. Some functionalities are already illustraded on classical examples of differential geometry.
Please acknowledge those software if they have been of use for you either as a central tool or simply as an exploratory or verification tool. One way of doing it is to refer to their web page and the related publications.
Evelyne Hubert (October 2006)