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Emmanuel Iarussi

English | Welcome! I'm currently a Ph.D student at REVES team, INRIA Sophia Antipolis, France. In 2012 I got my Systems Engineer degree from UNICEN University, Tandil, Argentina. I'm a member of ANR DRAO Project, focused (..)

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"The Drawing Assistant: Automated Drawing Guidance and Feedback from Photographs", Iarussi E., Bousseau A., Tsandilas T., ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology (UIST), October 2013, St. Andrews, UK. [pdf] [youtube] [vimeo] [www]


"Método de lattice-Boltzmann para segmentación de texturas de imágenes". (Lattice-Boltzmann methods for image textures segmentation), Cifuentes M.A., Iarussi E., Clausse A., Mecánica Computacional XXXI. Noviembre 2012. Salta. Argentina. pp. 3027-3036. Ed. Alberto Cardona, Paul H. Kohan, Ricardo D.Quinteros, Mario A. Storti. [pdf]

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