Elena Cabrio

Full Professor - Université Côte d’Azur, Inria, CNRS, I3S, France

About Me

I am Full Professor at Université Côte d’Azur, Inria, CNRS, I3S and member of the Wimmics Research Team. I have been recently awarded with a Chair in Artificial Intelligence at the Interdisciplinary Institute for Artificial Intelligence 3IA Côte d’Azur on “AI and Natural Language”.

I defended my HDR (habilitation) in October 2020.

Goal of my research is to design debating technologies for advanced decision support systems, to support the exchange of information and opinions in different domains (as healthcare and politics), leveraging interdisciplinarity and advances in machine learning for Natural Language Processing. I am currently coordinating the ANTIDOTE (ArgumeNtaTIon-Driven explainable artificial intelligence fOr digiTal mEdicine) project (CHIST-ERA XAI 2019).

Research interests: Natural Language Processing, Argument Mining, Abusive content detection, Information Extraction.

Latest Projects

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CHIST-ERA XAI ANTIDOTE (2021-2024).Coordinator

ArgumeNtaTIon-Driven explainable artificial intelligence fOr digiTal mEdicine. The goal of the ANTIDOTE project addresses the challenge of providing a unifyied computational framework for jointly learning clinical predictions and the associated argumentative justifications, fostering a natural interaction with clinicians through explanatory dialogues.

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Generating Counter Arguments to Fight Disinformation on the Web. The aim of the ATTENTION project is to define new algorithms to detect online disinformation and to counter it through arguments to develop the critical thinking of the user.

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Augmenting participation, co-creation, trust and transparency in Deliberative Democracy at all scales. ORBIS responds to the profound lack of dialogue between citizenship and policy making institutions by providing a theoretically sound and highly pragmatic socio-technical solution to enable the transition to a more inclusive, transparent and trustful Deliberative Democracy in Europe.

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Other Projects

Horizon 2020 AI4MEDIA (2020-2024)

Delivering next-gen AI research and training at the service of media, society and democracy, ensuring the embedment of European values of ethical and trustworthy AI.

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UCA IDEX OTESIA Prevent cyberviolence and hate speech online (2020-2021) Coordinator

The aim of the project is to use NLP to detect hate messages on social networks in France and generate counter-arguments to oppose this content.

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EIT Digital Wellbeing CREEP (2018-2019)

Cyberbullying effects prevention. CREEP aims at identifying and preventing the possible negative impacts of cyberbullying on young people. It seeks to realise advanced technologies for the early detection of cyberbullying phenomena through the monitoring of social media and the communication of preventive advices and personalized recommendations tailored to adolescents’ needs through a virtual coaching system (chatbot).

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ANR WASABI (2017-2020)

Web Audio Semantic Aggregated in the Browser for Indexation. Goal of the WASABI project is to define an optimized methodology for indexing music for the Web for large databases by linking metadata from audio analysis, Semantic Web techniques, and the analysis of textual data such as song lyrics using natural language analysis and to compare this methodology with case scenarios to develop unique services and applications using Web Audio technologies.

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CHIST-ERA ALOOF (2015-2018)

Autonomous Learning of the Meaning of Objects. Goal of the ALOOF project is to enable robots and autonomous systems working with and for humans to exploit the vast amount of knowledge on the Web in order to learn about previously unseen objects involved in human activities, and to use this knowledge when acting in the real world.

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