Elena Cabrio


Contact information:

University of Nice Sophia Antipolis

Wimmics research team (I3S, Inria)

2004 Route des Lucioles BP93

06902 SOPHIA ANTIPOLIS cedex, France

Tel: +33 (0)4 92 96 50 64

email: elena.cabrio[at]unice.fr


Current Position

Since September 2015, I am Assistant Professor at the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis.

I am member of the Wimmics Research Team.

Ongoing research projects:

SMILK - Social Media Intelligence and Linked Knowledge (LabCom)

Joint laboratory between the Wimmics team and the Research and Innovation unit of VISEO (Grenoble).

The purpose of SMILK is both to develop research and technologies in order to retrieve, analyze, and reason on textual data coming from Web sources, and to make use of LOD, social networks structures and interaction in order to improve the analysis and understanding of textual resources.

ALOOF - Autonomous Learning of the Meaning of Objects (EU CHIST-ERA project)

Goal of the project is to enable robots and autonomous systems working with and for humans to exploit the vast amount of knowledge on the Web in order to learn about previously unseen objects involved in human activities, and to use this knowledge when acting in the real world.

QAKiS (Question Answering wiKiframework-based System)

It addresses the problem of question interpretation as a relation-based match, where fragments of the user question are matched to binary relations of the triple store, using relational textual patterns automatically collected. In the current implementation, the relational patterns are automatically extracted from Wikipedia, while DBpedia is the RDF data set to be queried using a natural language interface.

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What's new...

pdfQALD-5 - Question Answering over Linked Data - QA Track @ CLEF 2015

Lab Coordination: Bielefeld University, IBM Research, INRIA, University of Leipzig.

pdfFrontiers ARG-NLP - Frontiers and Connections between Argumentation Theory and Natural Language Processing

Seminar organizers: Elena Cabrio, Serena Villata (INRIA, Wimmics Team); Adam Wyner (University of Aberdeen)

pdfNoDE: a Benchmark of Natural Language Arguments

Research Interests

Natural Language Processing

Semantic Web

Question Answering

Textual Entailment