3rd International Workshop on Attribute Grammars and their Applications


Satellite event of MPC'2000

July 7, 2000

Ponte de Lima, Portugal

We would like to continue the successful conferences entirely devoted to attribute grammars (WAGA'90, Paris, SAGA'91, Prague and WAGA'99, Amsterdam). Many new attribute grammar systems and applications have been developed and concepts of attribute grammars have been merged with recently developed fields such as adaptive and generic programming. Attribute grammars are still the subject of active research and now find important, useful and practical applications in various areas such as domain specific languages, natural language processing, communication protocols, databases etc.

The aim of this one day workshop is to bring together researchers from academia and industry interested in the field of attribute grammars. The workshop welcomes contributions on all aspects of attribute grammars, with special emphasis on new applications of attribute grammars (outside compilation) and comparisons to other formalisms (action semantics, evolving algebra, denotational semantics, natural semantics, abstract interpretation), to technical standards (mark-up languages SGML and XML), and to programming languages (object-oriented programming, constraint logic programming, functional programming, adaptive programming, generic programming).

Program of WAGA'00

The Program Committee selected 8 papers out of 12 submissions.

The proceedings of WAGA'00 are available here.

Program committee


Authors should submit a full paper (15-20 pages) preferably using the Submission Form or by e-mail to waga00-subm@sophia.inria.fr. The papers will be published in the proceedings of the workshop, which will appear as an INRIA report, and will be available during the workshop.

Final copies of accepted papers, after revision, must not be longer than 20 pages and have to respect the proceedings style. Author's instructions are given in WAGA00.sty .

Authors who wish to submit a paper, should inform us by using the form to be included in our mailing list. Mailing List

Information for participants

Please see the web page of MPC'2000 conference.

If you intend to participate at this workshop, please inform us (e-mail : waga00-subm@sophia.inria.fr). This will help us to evaluate the number of participant.


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Local organizers

Website: http://www-sop.inria.fr/oasis/waga00.html

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