SmartTools is a platform that combines Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Domain Specific Language (DSL). Through a combination of DSL, you can more quickly develop your applications (set of plug-ins or bundles) based on Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Domain-Driving Development (DDD) concepts. SmartTools environment runs on Eclipse itself. This SmartTools approach was bootstrapped.

This is a picture of SmartTools perspective running on Eclipse.


SmartTools is composed a set of editor/generator for each DSL (plugins) and a runtime platform (Service-Oriented Architecture). With SmartTools you can produce faster plugins/bundles for remote execution. These plugins run in Eclipse itself, into Eclipse RCP, over Equinox (OSGi implementation), on your desktop/mobile ou your server. Moreover SmartTools plugin is mobile-ready, as we have tested it on Nokia N800. SmartTools is a distributed platform, therefore your application can easily be distributed with SOA's concepts.

SmartTools is a SOA platform

SmartTools is a dynamic components platform. It runs over OSGi platform.
It uses Eclipse features for providing a development environment and a rich client platform (RCP).
It has remote features: you can build distributed applications with remote services.
SmartTools uses a Programmable overlay network (PON) for its remote abilities. PON is the Peer-to-Peer remote runtime for SmartTools'SOA.

Some applications of SmartTools's SOA

This is a picture of Peer-to-Peer Chat message that uses Pee-to-Peer Overlay Network (Open-Chord) for the publication and discovery of users.


This example shows an application of publication and discory of georeferenced services with peer-to-peer infrastructure. This example uses the GWT Google API and Google Map API. There are three types of agent (particular html page).

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