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[Fleche]SmartTools contribution

The goal of this deliverable (and its sub-deliverables) is to adapt and use a programming environment platform originally developped by INRIA, called SmartTools, to migrate to using W3C standards (XML, XML Schema, DOM, Web Services, etc) at every possible level. With such a coherent platform in hand, we can then use it to demonstrate the benefits of building tools based on such standards, in terms of interoperability with Web technologies.

In its current form, SmartTools can take a language grammar, and

The work would consist of:

  1. Adding XML Schema support: currently SmartTools only takes DTD format as input. This deliverable would add support for XML Schemas.
  2.  XSL transformations: Development of a simple pattern matching and transformation language on top of XSLT. The goal is to simplify the XSLT syntax and shows its less known capability.
  3.  Better DOM manipulation: Extend the implementation of DOM Level2 to support strong typing capability.
  4.  Design the main modules of the SmartTools platform in the form of Web Services that would support the WSDL and SOAP protocols (their W3C developed version that is).
  5.  Using the result of the above to build client-side tools that can display and manipulate data from a Web browser connected to  Web services, using XHTML, XForms and probably RDF versus applet and proprietary plug-in.
This deliverable will therefore demonstrate the emerging functionality of those new Web inter-related technologies.

[Fleche] Workpackage 1, Deliverable D1.6

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