Alvaro Javier Fuentes Suárez

Welcome to my web-page!

My name is Alvaro Javier Fuentes Suárez. I am a PhD student of Applied Mathematics in AROMATH team at Inria Sophia Antipolis-Méditerranée. My supervisor is Evelyne Hubert. I am part of the ARCADES network (ESR6 here).

My research topic is about skeleton modeling for computer graphics. In particular I am interested in convolution surfaces. We are trying to overcome some of the issues for in the use of convolution surfaces for modeling and computer aided design.


Currently we are working in a generalization of convolutions surfaces that increases the variety of shapes this technique can generate. We are also experimenting with the use of combined arcs and segment-based skeletons for the approximation of $\mathcal{G}^1$ skeletons in order to gain in performance when modeling with convolution surfaces.

Recently we have developed a method for constructing a coarse mesh around a skeleton that can be used as a basis for a meshing of an implicit surface generated around a segment-based skeleton. Most patches in the mesh are quads and most importantly the mesh follows the structure of the skeleton.

The topology of the final surface is another topic we intend to address.

Education and awards

* With courses from Math degree: topology, differential geometry, functional analysis, integreation and measure theory.


Work experience

Past projects

My undergrad thesis in Computer Science at UCLV was about brain tumor segmentation in Magnetic Resonance Images. We developed an application for semi-automated segmentation of brain tumors coded in Python with a Qt interface. For the medical imaging we used VTK and ITK.

After graduation I spent one and a half year developing a framework for modeling of physical properties of materials with the Discrete Element Method in CIMCNI-UCLV (Aulas CIMNE). The library was designed to be general and extensible enough such that we can use more than one physical model and several particle types at the same time. Most of our work was inspired by Yade.

I also did a 10 months internship working in maps query generation and tweaking GeoServer.

CS skills



INRIA Sophia Antipolis,
2004 route des Lucioles,
06902 Sophia Antipolis, France

email: alvaro(dot)fuentes(minus)suarez(at)inria(dot)fr