Welcome to FC2Tools and Autograph !

Version v1_2 now available ! Check the changes and the added features. Enter the downloading space to get the new version.

The FC2Tools package, together with its graphical editor Autograph, is a forerunner amongst softwares dealing with model-based, automatic verification of distributed communicating systems. It is developed jointly by INRIA and Ecole des Mines/CMA as part of the MEIJE research team.

Main features are: implementation of process algebra theory, for syntax and semantics; verification by compositional reductions and abstraction; alternative or combined use of explicit and implicit (BDD) implementation styles for better efficiency; use of specific FC2 file exchange format for easy interface with other verification softwares.

Check also XEVE LOGO: our verification tool environment for the synchronous reactive language Esterel.

Please let us know of any problem or success you may experience from the tools at fc2team@sophia.inria.fr. We appreciate hearing from our users. This way we can also add you to our mailing list to keep you informed of new releases.