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SugarCubes (April 1999)
A set of classes for reactive programming in Java 

WebIcobj Demo  |  Comparison with Java threads

SugarCubes is a set of Java classes for implementing software systems such as:
  • event based systems, especially those where events are instantly broadcast throughout the system. Communicating in this framework is like in radio transmissions, where emitters send information that is instantaneously received by all receivers.
  • parallel systems, in particular thread-less ones. Here, parallelism is a logical programming construct to implement activities which are supposed to proceed concurrently and not one after the other.
  • reactive systems, which continuously react to activations.



    SugarCubes is used to implement Reactive Scripts and Icobj Programming on top of the Java language.

    (April 1999)
    The SugarCubes v2 is now available.
    The following paper describes in french this new version of SugarCubes:
    Implementation de l'approche reactive en Java : les SugarCubes v2, Jean-Ferdy Susini, Actes MSR'99, Hermes, 1999.

    The reference manual for SugarCubes v2 is available (pdf file, 84K).

    (October 1998)
    Comparison of Java threads and SugarCubes. A paper is available which describes a small example of concurrent program coded with threads and with SugarCubes. Code of the example is also available.

  • The Web-Icobj demo in Java [french] [english]



  • The SugarCubes Tool Box - Definition - [html] [ps (370K)]
  • The SugarCubes Tool Box - Nets of Reactive Processes Implementation - [html] [ps (300K)]
  • The SugarCubes Tool Box - Rsi-java Implementation - [html] [ps (382K)]



  • The SugarCubes v2 Classes (zip file, 110kb)
  • The SugarCubes v2 Sources (zip file, 33kb)

  • Examples:
  • (7kb)

  • The SugarCubes v2

  • SugarCubes
  • Nets of Reactive Processes

  • Distribution:
  • The SugarCubes Classes (60 kb)
  • The NRP Classes (28 kb)
  • The RSI-JAVA Classes (186 kb)
  •  The SugarCubes v1

    F. Boussinot, Inria CMA/Meije, BP 93, 2004 route des Lucioles, 06902 Sophia Antipolis, France. <>

    Jean-Ferdy Susini, Inria CMA/Meije, BP 93, 2004 route des Lucioles, 06902 Sophia Antipolis, France. <>