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Mascotte's Conference & Seminar

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If there is a conference you would like to see included in this list, you can tell us about it. However, be aware that this list is moderated and we will keep only events for which members of our research group have shown a real interest.

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WONS  IEEE/IFIP Wireless On-demand Network systems and Services Conference
 22/01 to 24/01/19, Wengen, Switzerland

ROADEF  20ème congrès annuel de la société Française de Recherche Opérationnelle et d'Aide à la Décision
 19/02 to 21/02/19, Le Havre, France

Wireless Days   11th Wireless Days
 24/04 to 26/04/19, Manchester, United Kingdom

NetOpt  8th Winter School on Network Optimization
 14/01 to 18/01/19, Estoril, Portugal

RSD Winter School  4th GDR RSD and ASF Winter School on Distributed Systems and Networks
 04/02 to 08/02/19, Pleynet, Sept Laux, France

FCM  Free Computational Mathematics
 11/02 to 15/02/19, CIRM, Luminy, France

INOC  International Network Optimization Conference
 12/06 to 14/06/19, Avignon, France

SEA  International Symposium on Experimental Algorithms
 24/06 to 29/06/19, Kalamata, Greece

CoA  Workshop Complexité et algorithmes
 01/04 to 05/04/19, Roscoff, France

EPIT  Spring school on Theoretical Computer Science (EPIT) - Databases, Logic and Automata
 08/04 to 12/04/19, CIRM, Luminy, France